Steamboat Rail Rodeo 4/3/10

03 Apr, 2010

As the snow was coming down in Steamboat Springs, skiers and snowboarders gathered just above the base area for Steamboat’s first and only Rail Rodeo this season.  The jam style competition was put on by Steamboat, Akinz, Ellis Snowboards, Volkl, Marker, Urbane and RideSports.  I headed off the mountain to grab my camera and head up to watch the contest go on from 3-5pm today.  It was a mix of local riders from each of the shops which it’s always fun to watch friends throw down and friends cheer them on.

The set up was a flat box with small lips on either side so you can attach the box straight on or from the sides or ollie over it.  Then the quarterpipe with the metal pole, then on each side there was a feature.  On the left side a flat box and on the right a flat rail.

Riders hiking up to the drop in location up higher.

The Judges watching the contest from above

With a Dirty Heads contest in the base area going on and the Rail Rodeo just above the base, we had a good mix of people watching the contest go down.

Robbie Dapper in my opinion took home the contest, his airs on the quarterpipe impressed everyone each hit he took.

He also had enough speed to come back to the flat box, ollie onto it and ride it out many times

Snowboard Winner Erik Van Assche on the quarterpipe

and nose tapping the box from the side lip

Here are some rider shots that I got from the contest today

Molly Cannon

Sonny Schroder

Richie Eaton

Jake Moore

Pat Rafferty

Trevor Burman

Julie McElvain

Whitney Poulin

Tag Team action on the quarterpipe from Price Jackson and Alexa Dix

Andrew modeling off the Akinz sunglasses that you can get at the afterparty.  $5 gets you in the door of Amante and Akinz sunglasses, plus music and drink specials.  I’ll be making my way down to get some new shades.

Akinz was a sponsor of the Rail Jam and here’s the girls repping the Akinz shirts

This dog watching the contest was totally decked out and prepared for the snow conditions

Steamboat’s Terrain Park Manager Nick Roma & Park Crew taking care of the park during the contest

After the contest we waited around for the winners annoucement in the base area but didn’t get a real annoucement just the prizes being handed out.  I did hear that Erik won for the snowboarders but didn’t hear who the ski winner was.  Looks like Erik took home an Ellis snowboard as his prize.

Now onto the Akinz Sunglasses at Night afterparty for the Rail Rodeo and time to hang out with friends

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