Stevens Pass 4/18/10

18 Apr, 2010

My visit to the northwest timed perfectly with a sunday funday at Stevens Pass to help close out their 09-10 season.  I woke up bright and early to meet up with my friends Anj and Niko in Seattle at 7:30am with just enough time to get coffee for the drive.  The skies remained blue all day and warm weather greeted us once we arrived on the mountain.  The Closing Day festivities combined with sunny skies brought up a good amount of people for the day.  I was stoked because I would get to see a bunch of people and make turns with them today.

Unfortunately the big pond skimming event was cancelled this year.  As they were filling up the water, they noticed a hole in the plastic lining.  I guess someone had some fun last night and ended up ripping a hole in the pond.  Such a bummer but you know what, it was still a fun day snowboarding without the pond skimming.

You know when you see women lined up at the pool flipping over for their tan lines, I’ve never seen the men do it until today but only working on the goggle tans.

Snowboarding brings people together of all ages and my best friend Anj was my riding buddy for years before I moved out to Colorado so it was good getting back on snow with her today.

Never Summer’s on hand today:  My Lotus, Anj’s Infinity and Niko’s Premier

We immediately headed to the backside of Stevens which was already baking from the sunlight and offered up warm slushy fun.  We only took a couple laps on the backside until realizing the beginner hill was there and it was safer on the front of the mountain.

Per Closing Day tradition, there were some outfits on the mountain.  There were plenty of bikini/shirtless people enjoying the sun but also some crazy outfits that took more effort.  This guy was decorated with stuffed animals and skied all day enjoying it.

On the backside, we were able to meet up with Bekah from the Girl Gets Board blog.  I’ve met Bekah a couple times now but it was the first time to ride with her so of course I ate it on a box right away but we ended up lapping park and pipe having a good time.

I had run into Kyle from C3 earlier in the day riding prototype that says “really fucking top secret shit” and later got to lap up with Johan who had C3 design meetings earlier this week at Stevens/Skykomish.  If you haven’t checked out Johan’s blog, it’s a good read and laugh a lot of the time.   Thanks Johan for the brews today!

Dan from Casual Industrees enjoying some cold fine refreshments that were a must-have for today.

The day came to an end quickly and 4pm rolled around which ended the season for Stevens Pass.  I was up at the top of Top Phlight Terrain Park to finish it up, drink some and hang out with some of the guys.  The last run was a free-for-all as everyone went through and lapped the park together.  It was quite the event to watch.

It was a pain getting home with traffic but overall it was such a good day being able to ride with so many people, old friends and new friends. Stoked I was able to come up for it and a huge thanks to Dennis for hooking me up with a discounted ticket.  Needless to say I’m pooped from such a fun day so off to bed!

If you are in Seattle tomorrow, come find me for the Twitter Scavenger Hunt for your chance to win a Signal Omni snowboard!

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  1. Christian
    April 19, 2010

    I’m usually alright at the end of the season, but this year I’m jonesing for snow already (and it’s only been 2 weeks). So jealous that you’re still riding.

  2. timmy
    April 19, 2010

    sleemans cream ale, fine brew. Sleemans amazing.

  3. April 20, 2010

    Had fun riding! Have a great time up at Grenade Games.