Weekend Snowboards 2010-2011

13 Apr, 2010

Weekends are about having fun and since everybody’s working for the weekend it makes sense that Weekend Snowboards would continue that tradition by bringing fun into their second year of snowboards.  Their motto is to keep their snowboards coveted not commodities and with limited releases of each size it’s a guaranteed coveted board.  With pros Mark Carter, Heikki Sorsa and now Eddie Wall riding the boards there’s quite the opportunity for their boards to hit the slopes this winter.

Both Mark Carter’s Ten Sleep and Heikki Sorsa Pro series will be limited to 150 of each size, the boards are built and hand-numbered in Austria.

Weekend Ten Sleep Series

Features: Directional Twin, Full length, tip to tail, all the way through, the whole thing, wood core. Triax weave for optimum balance and minimum chance of buck. Carbon fencepost reinforcement beams add torsional stiffness for free range flyin. 4×2 insert pattern, not to be mounted like a horse. Structurn base structure for riding off into the sunset at maximum speed. Durable ABS sidewalls aka horsepower holsters. Cambered up, it works like the tail on a skateboard, very enjoyable. Handpainted graphics by legendary Mike Parillo.

Sizes: 156, 158, 160

Weekend Heikki Sorsa Pro Series

Features: Tip to tail wood core, we’re not joking that’s just how we roll. Triax glass throughout, just because, that’s why. Kevlar reinforcement system (you may want to google “torsion” on this one). 4×2 insert pattern, get your stance nerd on. Structurn base structure for ludicrous speed. Fully playable board game, how about that? Durable ABS sidewalls aka chopsticks of gnarlitude. Camber alert! Some boards have been missing this. Not these though.

Sizes: 153, 155, 157

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  1. lisevolution
    April 13, 2010

    I’m a bit surprised by the limited sizes these boards come in, especially considering he riding they seem to be focussed on. I was hoping to see something bigger and with a wide option for this season. Guess i’ll have to wait before I can get on one.