Glove Review: Swany AX-26

27 May, 2010

Intended Purpose: Warmer weather glove with good grip and insulation so even on the warmer spring days your hands stay warm.

Location: I spent the majority of time riding these late season at Steamboat.

Conditions: I’ve worn these gloves on cold to snowy days and warmer days on the mountain. They are ideal for the warmer spring days.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands. In these gloves, they fit a bit longer in the fingers but the fit in the rest of the glove is fine.  Definitely if you have longer fingers these are the gloves for you.

Color: I’ve been rocking the Swany AX-26’s in mosiac which have a white/plaid and polka dot look to them.  I like the plaid colors mixed with purple, blue, pink and green for keeping with a subtle to bright combination.

Features: The Swany AX-26 gloves have a silicone printed soft shell-6125 with 3D mesh and silicone print amara palm.  The silicone palm material is grippy which helps holding onto objects in your hand.  I felt comfortable grabbing out my camera with the grip that the gloves offered up.  The insulation is hipora W/B insert & charcoal/bamboo lining which really keeps the hands warm if you do wear them on colder days and keeps them dry on the slopes.  Another feature is hook & Loop tab with neoprene cuff & pull loop

Durability: I mostly wore these gloves on the warmer spring days on the slopes and didn’t encounter any problems with durability or being able to stay dry on the slopes.  I really like that my jacket covers most of the gloves and all you see is the silicone fingers when I’m riding.  I didn’t spend more than a couple days in the gloves because of the fit, but no problems with the material not holding up on the slopes.

Thoughts: I really liked the the insulation which made the glove feel really comfortable but still good grip in the palm.  The insulation helped keep my hands warm on cold days but generally I wore them on warmer spring conditions.  The material in the palm helps grip anything you hold and I felt comfortable on the slopes holding my cell and camera in these gloves.  I would have liked the finger length to fit my fingers better, they were a bit longer than I needed and I could feel the extra space above my fingers.  Other than that, a solid warmer day glove that will keep your hands warm all day on the slopes.

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Review Disclosure: This product was given to me from Swany.

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