GNU Snowboards 2010-2011

19 May, 2010

Under the Mervin Manufacturing umbrella, GNU Snowboards are handbuilt in the US by snowboarders and ride the parks, pipes and pow by snowboarders.  GNU continues to bring environmental practices to their snowboards with their bioplastic topsheets, sustainable woodcores, on-site recycling and 100% vegan.

For 10-11, C2BTX is added to two new boards in the line up with the Altered Genetics and Riders Choice and the Danny Kass and Billy Goat continue to offer it.  For women, you can find C2BTX in the B-pro.  New for men is the dirty pillow BTX, a twin pow terrain banana for fun float in the pow.  New for women is the women’s park pickle designed to give women a asym ride down the mountain.

I came home with a couple shots of GNU at SIA, but in the tightly cramped space I didn’t get every board so here’s the catalog images for each board and specs.  Remember these might be changing by the time they hit production.

GNU Carbon Credit Series BTX

Danny Kass C2BTX

Dirty Pillow BTX

Billy Goat C2BTX

Riders Choice C2BTX

GNU Altered Genetics C2BTX

GNU Street Series BTX

GNU Park Pickle BTX

Danny Kass Mini BTX

GNU Women’s Snowboards

Designed by Barrett Christy, the GNU women’s line features a mix of BTX and C2BTX for beginning to expert women, from park to powder.


GNU Women’s Park Pickle BTX

GNU B-Street BTX

GNU B-nice BTX


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  1. May 19, 2010

    Do you know the MSRP for the Dirty Pillow? Does it only come in the 159 length? Thnx.

  2. May 19, 2010

    Shralp, the msrp is 489 and yep only available in the 159 length.

  3. May 19, 2010

    Shay, do you know where I can find the specs? Curious what the waist width and sidecut is. Thanks.

  4. Ash
    May 19, 2010

    Deffinatly don’t like the graphics compared to last year… glad I got the Park Pickle when it looked like a pickle (that’s a major part of the appeal)

  5. HurkyDurky
    May 19, 2010

    is the flex on the alt. gen. a 7? i cannot see it on the low-rez scan.


  6. May 20, 2010

    Shralp, I don’t have the spec sheet with me but I’ll find out.

    Hurky, it’s a 7.

  7. Davi
    May 20, 2010

    Finally, a GNU Park Pickle for chicks! And a good one that actually fits me! (besides the B-Street) This coming winter is going to be my third year and I already sold one board, and I’m gonna be selling my current one. Why? Because I’m freakin’ short and it’s so hard finding good affordable boards that are my size (between 140 to 144) I’m about 5 foot…5 foot 1… but way over the weight I should be for my height (it’s gonna be a summer of health!) My last board was a 148. It fit my weight, sure, but not my height. It was almost as tall as me O_O twas hard to control! Then I went to the Ski/Snowboard show here in Toronto and what was my size was either way over what I had in my wallet or something crappy and cheap so for some reason I decided on a junior board which uh…I realized is too small. Don’t feel too safe, lol. But this year ooooh I’m saving my monies! I’m making sure I can get something I can finally enjoy and feel super confident about riding with. Hazza for Park Pickle! And now I can be nerdy and match my bf, but it’s just a coincidence they’re awesome freakin boards. My only dilemma is… 140 or 144?! Such a crazy jump. I’m gonna try to get a job over in Whistler for the season and I haven’t done park yet so I’ll be riding mostly the mountain, so maybe a 144? Hmm.
    But out of all of this my main curiosity is…the price. Been trying to look it up but no success. I noticed you got back to somebody on a MSRP so I’m wondering if by any chance you know the MSRP for this one? Just so I know how much I need to stuff into a “piggy bank” that I can only access through smashing XD


  8. beasty.
    May 24, 2010

    whats the msrp for the carbon credits?

  9. Kate
    September 18, 2010

    Does anyone know where I could get last season’s Bstreet BTX with the Audrey Hepburn graphic? It’s more elusive than the Yeti!