Review: Burton Dryride Tech Polo

08 May, 2010

Intended Purpose: Designed to be a lightweight first layer and with dryride ultrawick it helps repel moisture.  It’s quick drying and stink proof to keep a sweaty day on snow less noticeable to your friends.

Appearance: I bought the men’s tech polo in the white color mostly because it was the only color they had on sale and I wanted to try it.  I use it as my under layer so it goes underneath a cotton shirt/hoodie/jacket on the snow.

Best Used for: I use it as my main underlayer for the mountain especially on cold days it helps keep me dry underneath and absorbs any sweat during snowboarding.  On the warmer days I usually wear it as my only shirt since it’s long sleeve below a hoodie or jacket.  On really warm days, I don’t wear it and miss it.

Fit: The tech polo has stretch 360 so you have unlimited mobility on the mountain and it is a really stretchable material.  Since I’m rocking the men’s version it’s on the tall tee side for me which I actually like.  I don’t understand the hate on tall tees, I can change out of my snowboard pants in the parking lot and no one can see my underwear.  That’s the best thing ever.  My only gripe with the tech polo is the collar which gets in the way when I’m wearing shirts over it or gives me the collared preppy look.  I’m going to invest in more dryride that doesn’t have the collar look in the future.  The thumb holes on the hands are my favorite feature and even though the tech polo is big on me, I still use them.

Durability: I’ve put most of my winter days wearing the dry ride underneath as my first layer and the quality is still there for the product.  The only wear I’ve noticed is on the side of the  lower back  where the seam has unraveled a bit.  The rest of the seams are in great shape and the tech polo is still white with the exception of the thumb holes which show an off-white color.

Smell-ability: That’s my word for testing the stink proof on the dryride tech polo.  I spent most of the winter not washing the tech polo and it made it some time before I needed to.  The stink proof helps eliminate stink, I noticed the shirt smelled way better than other shirts I’ve worn for the same amount of days but I wouldn’t say it eliminates it completely.  I still had to wash it just less often, a lot less often.

Thoughts: This was my first time using Burton’s dryride layering and I walked away from it wanting more dryride.  The tech polo has been my main underlayer this winter, keeping me dry and less smelly on the mountain.  I can wear cotton over it and it protects the cotton from getting wet after a day of snowboarding.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo for men’s layering or shop their full line of Burton

On-snow photos

Riding with the tech polo directly under my jacket

Burton Tech Polo in White

Burton Tech Polo Description

Review Disclosure: I bought this product from Ride Sports in Steamboat Springs, CO.

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  1. Andrew
    May 10, 2010

    I like the collar on the 686 jerseys, but these do have a douchy polo shirt look to them. I have a Dryride which I call Coldride, or Wetride depending on the day. Not a big fan, other than I too can take my clothes off and not show off the beans and frank.

  2. Nick
    July 30, 2010

    how do you get stains out of dry ride clothing ?

  3. July 30, 2010

    Andrew, haha yeah I tend to wear it under something so you don’t notice.

    Nick, not sure I’d think you could use the normal stain remover to get it out. But maybe call Burton and ask