Review: Ride Qi Alpha Facemask

01 May, 2010

Intended Purpose: Designed to be a lightweight facemask offering bandana inspired style coupled with the technical protection and functionality of traditional ski masks and balaclavas.

Appearance: I received the black bandana with a red geometric stripe down the side of the mask.  I like the simple design of it and the red stripe gives it something extra.

Best Used for: The alpha facemask is a lightweight facemask best used for mild to bluebird days on the mountain.  I took it out on your typical snowday (20-30 degrees) and it was great but on a colder snow day (-10) it was too lightweight to handle the coldness.

Fit: The alpha mask is one size fits all which I found worked for me without any adjustment, I gave my boss the facemask and it fit his face as well.  The alpha mask has elastic ear straps which allow you to pull the mask down and then pop it back up.  I found it required some adjustment on my part to get used to the ear straps since I’m not used to having strings over my ears.  The mask is connected with velcro on the back of the mask so you can have it as tight as you want or loose fitting.

Durability: So far I’ve encountered no issues with the durability of the alpha facemask, the velcro is in great shape and the elastic ear straps are fine.  The material is in fine shape with no tears.

Thoughts: The alphamask is made with a breathable perforated polyester layer that helps keep ventilation unrestricted for the mountain.  The alpha was a very breathable facemask and you never felt like you couldn’t breathe in it.  Since it’s a lighter weight facemask, it isn’t warm and will let wind in but on warmer days it’s perfect for breathability and staying covered up.  The only issue was the really cold day where I really tested the facemask and the material got hard which is typical on most bandana’s in that temp.  On the more normal days, it did great and no complaints.

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On-Snow Photo

Ride Qi Alpha Facemask Description


Review Disclosure: This product was given to me by Ride Qi.

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  1. ghostovan
    May 02, 2010

    Have it. And got equal thoughts, Shay. Mine is with a yellow stripe and looks a bit.. ‘nazi’ (friend told me;( ) but it’s all personal.

    Btw, I’ve also got NXTZ tube and like it! It’s soft, durable, nice pattern (Graffiti, blue’s so sick with 686 kr3w lumberjack softshell;)) and works in more variable conditions then Ride Qi.

  2. May 02, 2010

    Ghost, good to hear your input on it as well! I have a nxtz tube to try out in the future, so definitely on the list of facemasks to try out.