Snowboard Review: 10-11 Omatic Celebrity

25 May, 2010

Location: Breckenridge, CO

Snow Conditions: Mixture of hardpacked to slushy groomers.

Setup: I rode the Omatic Celebrity with my Union bastardized bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 155

First Impression: Hands down the most poppy board I’ve ridden in a while.

Weight: Average

Flex: The celebrity had a stiffer flex longitudinally that really gave it a lot of stability and overall stiffness for the mountain.  Torsionally stiffer so once on edge you had the full strength of the board into each carve.  I found the stiffer flex perfect for pipe riding (obviously Louie Vito’s board it better be) but also a charging board down the mountain outside of pipe.  Omatic’s moved to a new factory this year which meant the BS Technology changed, it’s less defined than last year’s boards.  Now instead of just a rocker area between the feet it’s actually a flat area with rocker from the bindings out.  With BS, the center of the base remainds in contact with the riding surface, the base tapers towards the edge and the rockered areas towards the contact points help lift them so less catchy.

Turning: With the celebrity you could take the energy from one turn and transfer it into the next turn, despite the stiffer flex it’s not as difficult to get from edge to edge.  It’s a snappy board where you can pop out of one turn into the next easily.  I found it to be a more aggressive board on edge, the tri-radial sidecut gives you a variety of carving capabilities.  You can make shorter radius turns (a tad harder on the stiffer celebrity) or longer more laid out carves down the mountain.  I ended up taking it and just charging with the long S turns.

Stable: The celebrity really absorbed some rougher terrain, bumps on the mountain but also when you pointed it you could charge with the board.  The stiffer flex didn’t get bumped around and made S turns so stable down the mountain.  In the pipe, the celebrity definitely held it’s own.  On the harder icy spots, there was no problems with edgehold and I always felt in control of the board.

Pop: Holy pop, seriously this is the poppiest board I’ve ridden in a long time.  Popping ollies were higher than I planned and it was a bit scary how much air you could get off this board.  I can see why Louie goes so big.  It’s not as playful of a board other than the pop.

Switch: The celebrity is a true twin shape and when riding switch it was still the same aggressive board switch or regular.  My switch riding isn’t as aggressive as this board so I opted for going back to regular after a couple turns.

Overall Impression: The celebrity is a more aggressive charge the mountain or charge the pipe board with a stiffer flex that takes the rider straight down carving it up.  The best part about the celebrity is just how poppy it is and when carving, it holds it’s own on the mountain.

Shay’s Honesty Box: To this day this board still stands out as one of the top riding boards from demos on the pop factor.  Normally popping off rollers is fun but the celebrity made it a lot higher than expected.  It could have been finding the sweet spot for the board but I overall enjoyed it.  First board of the demo and still a high board on the list.

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On Snow Photo

Omatic Celebrity description

Review Disclosure: I rode this board at a demo day.

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  1. Jon K
    May 25, 2010

    It seems to me this board is a rival to the NS Evo.

    Which would you go for?

    I’m currently riding a 06/07 Evo, and am pretty over it now.


  2. May 25, 2010

    Jon, evo is a lot softer than the celebrity in my opinion, celebrity is way more pipe board and evo is more park. Celebrity was a fav for sure but I also ride the evo a lot. Depends on your riding

  3. Eric
    October 25, 2010

    I am considering either the Celebrity or NS SL. I am curious how you think the celebrity would handle icy conditions. Unfortunately, I ride in the Midwest so I need a board that will handle the ice well.

  4. Ming
    April 02, 2011

    I know this deck is old news, but I ended up picking one up after reading yours and angry’s reviews on this board (and for some reason, I had the 09 and ’10 version of this board too…) but my insights on the board after riding it today…

    decent edgehold, really loose riding because of the BS. Not as much pop as I had been used to (been riding stiffer camber-esque boards like the MLF and YES typo from last year) but holy crap this thing is fun. Putting it close to what the Hero is…super fun, pressable, but a little more dampening and better edgehold with it.

    This is one fun deck!

  5. Dj
    May 27, 2012

    Huge grave dig here… Shay, I’m considering buying a 2011 Celebrity. How would it compare to my Arbor Westmark? Is the feel and ride of BS tech significantly different from other bases and camber profiles? If so, I’d consider buying the board for the deal that it is.

  6. May 27, 2012

    Dj, definitely. The BS tech takes some getting used to but it’s nothing that is too different, just an adjustment period. Since Omatic is no longer in business, you should be getting a good deal on it. As for comparison against the Westmark, not sure since I haven’t ridden the Westmark.

  7. Dj
    May 27, 2012

    Thanks Shay!