Stepchild Snowboards 2010-2011

26 May, 2010

Snowboarding was meant to be enjoyed and it’s no surprise that Stepchild follows through with enjoying snowboarding, good quality snowboards and keeping it real.  Stepchild added a couple new boards to the line  which includes more reverse camber models in a variety of low to high price ranges.

Joe Sexton received a pro model and guest pro Scotty Wittlake received a board in the line up for 10-11.  The women’s PMS board will surely cause women to gasp and men to faint at the sight of a red filled river and tampon riding stepchild.

Stepchild Chi Borg

Stepchild Simon Chamberlain

Stepchild Joe Sexton

Stepchild Latchkey

Stepchild Jibstick

Stepchild Jibstick Slim

Stepchild Expat

Stepchild Salary Man

Stepchild Headless Horseman

Stepchild JP Walker

Stepchild OG Powder

Stepchild Whale Cock

Stepchild Scotty Wittlake

Stepchild Street Recession

Stepchild PMS (Women’s)

Stepchild Puke (Kids)

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  1. JT
    May 26, 2010

    Nice! I love that ExPat.. gonna have to try to find that this season!

  2. Curtis
    May 27, 2010

    Hey Shay,

    I’ve been riding a skate banana for the past two seasons and want something different. I like my board, I’m just sick of everyone else having one. I want something similar in feel to my skate banana, maybe slightly stiffer. I was looking into stepchild, capita, and arbor. I’m an instructor and park manager at my local hill so I’m riding 3-5 days a week-durability is a must. I’d say I ride about 50-65% in the park, and the rest is freeriding. Any and all advice would be really helpful.