Binding Review: 10-11 Burton Lexa

30 Jun, 2010

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to icy conditions on the mountain.

Setup: I rode the Burton Lexa bindings with a variety of Burton snowboards (Lipstick, Feelgood, Whammy Bar) with my Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Time to set up the binding: Average time with the EST system and disc system.  I rode both types of Lexa’s and neither were an issue for setting up/ease of use.

Fit: The fit on the lexa’s is always fine, no gaps in the width of the binding and easy to adjust the toe and ankle strap to fit my boot.

First Impression: The lexa’s are that solid binding I go to for demo days, they do the job and no matter what board I ride…they work for them.

Appearance: The 10-11 Lexa line is simple in the design and colors but in good style.  There are bright option colors but I ended up riding the white and black choices which suit my style more.

Comfort: Always a super comfortable binding with the amount of padding and cushioning around your boot from the baseplate to the highback to the straps.

Functionality: The lexa’s are a very functional women’s binding, the EST system is easy to mount and set up to your stance angles.  The EST system is a Burton system so you ride Burton boards with the bindings. The straps are tool-less so easy to adjust on the slopes.

Flex: The lexa’s are a mid flex binding, not soft but not stiff.  It’s the perfect flex for women who want an all around comfortable binding regardless of ability level.  The highback is middle of the road so enough flex to let you enjoy the mountain but without making it a struggle.  The lateral flex on the binding is a tad stiffer but helps you feel grounded in the binding.

Response: The lexa is a more forgiving binding than responsive, it’s middle of the road for response so it won’t put you on edge by the slightest movement but when you are on edge it’ll keep you where you want to be and comfortable in it.  The cushioning in the baseplate really absorbs the rougher terrain and any vibrations on the mountain.  I noticed when I rode the winged version of the lexa that the wing definitely gives you more butter response and you could drive your leg into each turn and the wing would give more response and support.

Toe Strap: The toe strap on the lexa’s fits great with my van boots, easy to adjust to it so it was centered and snug over the toe cap.   I never encountered any slippage with them and ended up riding the lexa’s all day with different boards.

Overall Impression: The Lexa’s give women that all-mountain, ride everything binding that is comfortable and able to ride at any level.  It’s a forgiving comfortable ride that isn’t overly responsive but still makes a day full of fun.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The Lexa’s are always that binding I ride with Burton boards because of the variety of riding it can handle and it always does the job for me.  There’s no bells and whistles…it just is a good binding.  There’s only a couple bindings out there that I use solely at demo days, these are one and the union forces are the other.

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Burton Lexa Description

Review Disclosure: I rode this binding at a demo day.

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  1. Angela
    June 05, 2011

    What kind of riding are these bindings suited to? Can they handle the park as well as freeriding and everything inbetween?

  2. June 06, 2011

    Angela, they are a good all mountain freestyle binding so definitely in my opinion can handle the mountain and park riding.

  3. franny
    September 08, 2011

    Hi, I noticed in your review that you wore a size 8 Vans boot with the Lexa binding. What size binding did you go with? According to the Burton sizing chart, M is 6-8, L is 8 or more… 8’s fall right in between!

  4. September 08, 2011

    Franny, I’ve used both sizes for Lexa’s during demos and I prefer the large size with my size 8 boots. The mediums seem too small to the boot.