Timberline & Windells 6/3/10

03 Jun, 2010

I arrived at Mt Hood, Oregon a couple days ago to get acclimated to camp life before the first session of summer snowboard camp will begin at Windells.  I had talked to Tim a couple months ago about coming out to camp, helping with blogging and being here as  shayboarder to write about the rad experiences that come out of summer snowboarding and camp.

Windells is so quiet right now with just staff at camp preparing for session 1 that starts on Sunday.  Last summer when I did the adult camp at Windells, I met some good friends that I kept in touch with all winter so I’m excited to see familiar faces back here at camp and meet a bunch of new people from various locations.

Walking to camp with gear

Windells has a new head coach this summer, Danger Dave has taken over the head coaching responsibilities and led the coach meeting this morning on campus.

Eventually we made our way up to Timberline where the snow conditions are awesome for this summer, plenty of snow covering the mountain and the possibility of more snow on the way.  It’s been a couple years since I’ve ridden pre-summer conditions and good to be back on the mountain snowboarding in June!

Tom from Eastern Boarder and myself on the chairlift

The mountain conditions today were really soft and fun, the sky was cloudy and a little socked in on Palmer but lapping the Magic Mile was perfect and the public park was better than expected.  There were so few people on the mountain so everyone had runs to themselves.  Definitely if you feel the need to shred this summer, Timberline has the snow for you.

Riding down the mountain with Mary, Jordan and Dillon

Jordan on the flat box

Tom ollie’ing over the down rail

It was a great first day of the summer, still getting back into riding after taking some time off and taking it easy on the slopes.  I’m definitely ready to progress my park skills, today I did a little bit of pipe and just got back into freeriding playing on the whole mountain.  Stoked for session 1 to start and the fun blogging to begin!

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  1. E
    June 04, 2010

    I always liked this time of year, the whole mtn is open, govy isn’t packed, windells is quiet. Soon the onslaught will begin, then before you know it it’s mid august & it’s a ghost town. Are you staying at the Ark or at the adult house?

  2. June 04, 2010

    E, most definitely! Spent last night at the Shack and thought of you 🙂 I’m staying at the ark but was crashing at the adult house when I first arrived. Now I’m all set with a bed.

  3. June 04, 2010

    So Windells is paying you to blog about them all summer?

  4. E
    June 04, 2010

    First time I slept at the ark, it was super cold(it snowed), had no heat, no hot water, no blankets….just a bunkbed…ha. That was when Kaiser was working there. I was a beauty barking fool, landscaping with Kaiser & changing out beds with Horowitz.

  5. June 04, 2010

    Good question Martin, I’ll be blogging for camp once the sessions begins and any web edits they need. But I’m also here as a blogger so I get to blog from shayboarder and do some fun blogging for them.

    E, haha yeah I wasn’t sure what to expect at the ark. I’ll get some pics, I’m sure it’s better than you lived here. Austin lives out in the tent, he’s the true NW man.