Timberline 6/5/10

05 Jun, 2010

It’s been a rainy past week in Oregon but today the sun came out full scale for a great day on the mountain. I woke up at 9am, got my gear together quickly and headed up to the mountain with Johnny from camp.  A bunch of the staff was up shredding since today was a down day before session 1 starts tomorrow.

There’s few mountains that impact me the way Mt Hood from Timberline does, on the drive up when you first glimpse the whole mountain from the highway and the first chairlift ride of the day that just pumps you up for the fact you are riding a mountain in summer.  It’s June 5th and I’m riding with tons of snow to last this summer!

I enjoyed the shred today, snapped a couple shots but also worked on the nerve to get back into park riding.  The public pipe and park is set up at Timberline with a variety of features but definitely features that push me at my riding level.  I ended up going for the up box today and going to keep riding it.

Today was the first day to get up on Palmer chairlift which I must say had the best riding I’ve had up there with wide open turns and the snow was ideal.  Not too icy, not too slushy…just right!  I snapped a shot of Janette (?) coming down towards me.

Johnny and myself on the chairlift

A look at the snowpack from the Palmer chairlift

Tomorrow is the beginning of session 1 for Windells Camp, all the campers are arriving and I know one adult camper Mike who I’ll get to meet while he’s attending session 1.

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