Timberline & Windells 6/7/10

07 Jun, 2010

Session 1 at Windells Camp is in full swing and today was the  first on-snow day of camp.  The weather cooperated and despite some cloud coverage on Timberline, most of the day offered up bluebird skies.

I met up with some of the staff in the parking lot and ended up riding with Steph one of the counselors to get our morning shred on.  The lower chairlift had some of the best snow where you could make fresh turns in perfectly soft snow which were perfect for warming up today.

After getting some warm-up laps in, we headed to the top of Palmer to make our way to the Windells Camp park on the mountain.  It’s a private park for just campers and staff but even still the mountain is empty except for Windells right now.  The park is coming along, today was fun to see the features and set up for session 1.

Staying above the clouds for most of the day

This summer at Windells there are two rope tows for the park, today’s lower rope was set up for the rail/jump line and the upper rope was set up for the halfpipe.

Myself eating an apple on the mountain…the bluebird skies that came out made the day even better!  Today’s riding was just getting back into riding, hitting up the dance box and riding pipe.  I definitely want to work on my own park riding this summer so anyday I can get up to the mountain, get some shots, blog and work on my riding would be the best!

A couple weeks ago I had emailed back and forth with a blog reader, Mike who ended up coming out for session 1.  Today I was able to track him down on the slopes so we could meet up.  If you come out to Windells this summer and read Shayboarder, let me know and we’ll high 5 it up on the mountain!

Last year I was an adult camper for session 7 where I met some really fun people who I’ve kept in touch with through Facebook or just becoming friends since camp.  I met Yiting last summer so today we met up and got to make some laps together.

As the afternoon was winding down, I joined along with Moss’s group who were getting halfpipe laps in.  The 2nd rope tow right next to the pipe was sooo good, last year we hiked pipe and having that rope tow made every lap so much better.

Coaching time

I made my way back to campus after shredding and got in on the yoga relax time going on with a couple of the campers.

After the day of snowboarding, enjoyed dinner at camp and then hung around for the evenings festivities which included the Salomon/Bonfire giveaway and skate sesh.

Billy the Sessions TM playing a game of knockout with a camper

Bonfire/Salomon Race action

I’ve never taken skate shots so I finally took my camera into the skatepark and wanted to try my hand at getting some shots.  Nothing spectacular but just fine to try.

Ricky Rodriguez

Billy from Sessions taking his style to the skatepark

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  1. June 07, 2010

    See you in a week or so shay and we’re bringin the whole crew! Red, Scott Grey, Cooper, Chicken, Daniel, Jessi, Emily, Lauren and myself. Plus our Wasatch Project homies!!! can’t wait to see u!!!

  2. June 07, 2010

    Adrian, sweet! I’ll be here!

  3. Brek Leines
    June 07, 2010

    Hey Im heading down on thursday I do believe! Lets shred!

  4. Brek Leines
    June 09, 2010

    Scratch that. It shall be Sunday. Love to drop some drinks off to you if I have any left when Sunday rolls around

  5. June 10, 2010

    Brek, Sunday I’ll probably be off the mtn since it’s departure day. Do you have my cell?