Timberline & Windells Camp 6/19/10

19 Jun, 2010

This morning started out with cloudy skies and rain down off the mountain but it was one of those days where it didn’t last long and Timberline was above the clouds line as the afternoon progressed on.  I headed up to the mountain later than normal to avoid the lift lines and met up with Coach Dania to follow the ski girls for the day.  One of the coolest things about being here is hanging out with both skiers and snowboarders because we are both doing something we love regardless of what’s underneath our feet.

The morning started with a session at the public park which on mid-week days is empty so you can have features to yourself.  Timberline is open to the public but the camps are private, however the public park is definitely a great spot to ride as well.

Coach Dania showing off skills on skis

Today’s camper of the day was Danielle a 16 year old skier from Washington who totally rocked on improving her skills in the park today.  It’s fun to see the campers at all ability levels focus on progressing at camp.

For the afternoon we lapped the Windells pipe and mini-features.  I ended up helping out one of Dania’s skiers who wanted to practice her skills on the ride-on box.  We lapped the box and worked on it together which was so much fun to see her get pumped for doing it!

Paul Gemignani in the pipe for an afternoon sesh

Camp has been really interesting so far, adjusting to blogging and snowboarding while making sure I get to work on my own riding too.  I’ve been hitting features but I definitely have a lot to work on so hoping to show some progress this summer.

For the evening, I headed back to Windells Camp to check out the on-campus activities going on.  The skate sessioning was strong outside of dinner as plenty of kids were enjoying their skate time.

The first contest of the night was the Nike 6.0 contest with donut eating…but not your typical condiments there was horse radish, peas, mustard, ketchup among other items that were put on the donuts.

Alex chowing down his donut mess

Some of the Nike 6.0 team with campers

It was also ladies night which meant a game of girls only knockout in the courtyard and then the Burton ladies giveaway which was a smoothie concoction of ketchup, cheese and icky other stuff that you had to swallow down, circle around a bat 5 times and then run around the courtyard.  The winners took home some goodies from Burton.

Cleaning up the evenings messes

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