Timberline & Windells Camp 6/28/10

28 Jun, 2010

It’s been such a fun and crazy summer being out here at Mt Hood and Windells Camp but the best feeling was today when I headed up to the mountain realizing that the mountain is my office for the summer.  Every day I wake up, eat breakfast and head to the best office I’ve ever had where it’s all about snowboarding.  I was definitely scared to make the transition out here, giving up my year round job but it’s been more than I could have imagined.

I arrived at the mountain later than usual but headed straight up to the Windells Camp park where I found Brandon Cocard with his campers.  I just met Brandon last week but stoked he’s at Windells coaching and a fan of his riding so even better to hang out with him.

He recommended one of his campers for Camper of the Day, so I ended up following snowboarder Sam for the early afternoon.

The fun part about setting up to get the camper of the day shots is also getting shots of coaches/staff that ride the park.  Today I snapped some shots as people made laps and before I made my own laps for the day.

Billy Rodriguez

Scott who I know from 720 Boardshop in Denver was at Windells today and we high-fived on the mountain

One of the 720 kids is out at camp so I snapped this shot of him on the rainbow box



It’s the Rome session at Windells so the Rome crew took over the flat box for a Rome Shred Contest with tons of free prizes for people to win.

Sierra Snowboards has a house in Government Camp for the summer so I stopped by after riding to help with the snowboard giveaway that they do every day at 3pm.  It’s done on live chat and webcam so was super fun to be interviewed and just talk into the computer while sitting in front of HCSC.

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