Timberline & Windells Camp 6/30/10

30 Jun, 2010

Just another day on the slopes of Timberline and at Windells Camp…it’s hard to believe that we’re in session 3 and halfway through the summer!  The US Snowboard Team has been at Windells Camp to practice in the pipe and get some air bag time in on the slopes so I hit up the mountain early to head straight to the pipe to see the action.

I got to spend the morning watching Louie Vito, Kelly Clark, Greg Bretz, Ellery Hollingsworth, Steve Fisher and Elena Hight hitting the pipe and just enjoy the tricks being thrown down all morning.  It was a good amount of corks, double corks and spins.

The bag jump has been rad this summer, it’s been built below a jump and is now at the bottom of the pipe so you can drop in and hit it with any trick you want.   Here’s Greg Bretz walking across it.

I haven’t been doing much video lately just because it takes more time to edit but I made sure to get a video clip of Kelly Clark dropping into the bag jump today off of the pipe.

Kelly Clark Bag Jump at Windells Camp from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

Kelly Clark

Louie Vito

Greg Bretz

Steve Fisher

Ellery Hollingsworth

Elena Hight

Dania and Louie hugging it up on the mountain

As the pipe sessions were coming to an end, Brandon Cocard was taking his campers through the pipe and I snapped this shot of him handplanting the pipe wall but the angle looks like he handplanted the air bag (mad sweet skills he has!).

George making sure the jump into the bag jump was raked to perfection

The kitchen staff not only gets up early and stays late…they also rip the mountain.  Enzo on the 2nd jump today

Austin Hironaka is quite impressive on skis, not only can he film like a champ but he’ll spin off the jumps like it’s nothing.

For the afternoon I met up with Ashley and Dania’s group to follow along with Amelia who would be Windells Camper of the Day for her impressive style in the air.  It was a blast watching this 16 year old just kill the jump line and hear the male coaches talk about her style in the air.

Tomorrow is the Sammy Carlson Invitational at Windells and today was the practice session on the huge 100 foot jump that was built.  Here’s a shot I snapped as I cruised down the mountain when some of the pros were hitting it…it’s insane to see in person.

K-mart is the adult host at Windells so it was hilarious when I walked down to pick up the Academy van and saw this site of K-mart suntanning on the van.

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