Windells Camp 6/10/10

10 Jun, 2010

Today was another cold weather day on the slopes but this time I stayed down at camp to fight off a cold.  The campers went up to shred the lower mountain park that was set up yesterday and when they came down from the slopes, the on campus activities were in full force after dinner.

Tonight was Burton Sponsor night which included a ton of free Burton swag for anyone who could throw a football and hit the head of the costume.

Another game to win free swag was if you could guess which bin someone was hiding under.

At the end of the games all the Burton swag was gone and kids were stoked on taking home plenty of hoodies/t-shirts.  Here’s camper Mariana (?) stoked on her I ride for Kevin shirt she won.

After the Burton sponsor night it was time for Zombie dodgeball in BOB which was great for the rainy weather, BOB is all indoors so everyone was able to get painted up and run around for the night.

Getting painted up

Couple of the campers with Windells staff Johnny

Nick Visconti leading the charge at Dodgeball

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to clear up on the mountain and I’m feeling much better so I can’t wait to be back on snow!

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