Windells session 1 begins!

06 Jun, 2010

Today was the beginning of summer camp at Windells Camp as session 1 campers began to arrive.  It was an early day with a staff meeting to go over details so we could work together during the day to welcome new and returning campers.   It was fun to be on the opposite end than last year where I was a camper at Adult Camp, this time I got to see how everyone goes down and be the staff member helping out.

Keith getting ready to check in all the session 1 campers

The girls setting up the schedule of events for session 1 in the cafeteria so everyone will know the plan for the next couple days.

As the morning went on, the vans started arriving from the airport with campers.  Staff would help with bags, checking in and getting the campers to their cabins.  Companies came in earlier this week to decorate their cabins and definitely some sweet setups going on by companies.

Never Summer rider Billy Rodriguez trying out the dry slope

Windells Academy student Nick getting in some training

Walking around campus, the new skatepark that went in!

Since the weather was rainy most of the day, all the events were indoors to welcome the campers.   BOB is the indoor funfest arena at camp, skatepark, foam pits and trampolines to play in.

I ended up playing in the staff vs camper dodgeball games which were a blast.  I can’t remember the last time I played dodgeball and it was fun taking on the campers…even though they outnumbered us, we definitely won more games.

Some jousting action in the foam pits

After dinner everyone joined in the BOB for orientation to find out their coaches and get familiar with camp.  They also got a ton of swag that we threw out for them from the companies.

Tomorrow is the first day on snow for session 1 and it’s looking to be a good day for weather on the mountain.  Stoked to be here and helping out!

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  1. david
    June 06, 2010

    this camp looks sick. any idea where i can find info on attending this camp? and what kind of rider is this camp for? (i.e novice, expert, etc.)

  2. June 06, 2010

    Yep, you can go to for all the info on camp. It’s for all ability levels but focuses on park. I attended camp last year and you can read my post here

  3. E
    June 07, 2010

    How’s that dryslope, I wanna get one

  4. June 07, 2010

    E, yesterday was the first day it was open and it looked rad watching everyone. Definitely will try it out this summer once my skills get a bit better!

  5. E
    June 07, 2010

    there’s a place in the states that produces something similar, but that stuff i’ve seen is pretty slow. there is euro supplier that makes great stuff….but they are big time, so can’t just get a little bit