Windells Session 3 begins!

26 Jun, 2010

It’s hard to believe it’s already session 3 at Windells…time just flies by when you are having fun at summer camp!  Today was arrival day for session 3 as campers made their way to camp for another epic week of fun, sun and shredding.  The sun was shining which made arrival day perfect to be outside as campers arrived.

The morning started with a meeting for staff to discuss session 3 and session 2.  It’s a good catch-up and helps keep us all informed on what to expect or change from the previous session.

After the staff meeting, it’s check in for the campers that arrive and staff to help out.

Check-in station

Upon arrival the campers get their ID cards which have their photos on them.

Steph and Dillon shaking up the gatorade to mix it up and keep everyone refreshed

K-mart and Trevor Jacobs staying occupied

Ashley and Beck showing off some muscle in the windells staff shirts

For the afternoon in the sun it was dodgeball time outside

Some bike time in the sun…finally!

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