America’s Next Top Pro Model: Spin to win, pipe and chinese downhill

19 Jul, 2010

When America’s Next Top Pro Model began at Mt Hood yesterday, it was the place for pro snowboarder with pro models to come in order to prove they are the Top Pro.  Plenty of big names came out to ride like Heikki Sorsa, Iikka Backstrom, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Marc Frank Montoya, Kyle Clancy, Chris Bradshaw, Lane Knaack, Derek Dennison, Joe Sexton, Keegan Valaika, Chris Grenier, Aaron Biittner, and Lauri Heiskari.  The full updates will be available at Snowboarder Mag including a lot more photos, videos and words explaining what went down.

It was an insane day yesterday and today only proved to be better as the riders competed in spin to win off the jump, highest air in the pipe and the chinese downhill.  The Top Model won’t be crowned till the awards tomorrow night so until then, here’s the update on today’s fun in the sun as the pros threw down and proved why they have pro model snowboards.

The morning started with the spin to win contest on the jump where 9’s were thrown out not long in and Kyle Clancy ended up taking home the win.

Kyle Clancy

Derek Dennison

Ikka Backstrom

Chris Bradshaw

Keegan Valaika

Lining the side of the jump to watch the action

Yesterday I hugged the HCSC marshmellow, today we high fived. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a marshmellow that looks happy.

If you see T-bird at an event, chances are he’s probably updating his facebook status constantly…or writing down who is throwing what spins.

After lunch break it was time for a lap through the park before heading to the superpipe for the highest air portion of the contest.  Jesse Burtner has his own pro model Lib boxscratcher but he held up great as the MC for the afternoon.

To get the full effect in the superpipe, there were measurement poles on the sides to help show how high these guys were getting each hit.

Aaron Bittner rocking his DC PBJ pro model which comes out for 10-11

Snowboarder Magazine Photo Editor Huggy getting a shot of Austin Smith…me getting a shot of both of them.

Bryan Fox rocking out on his pro model

Austin Smith staying high in the sky above Mt Hood

Keegan Valaika was a tough contender in the pipe

Kyle Clancy easily took home the highest air in the pipe.  He even scouted the pipe wall to find the exact location of perfection.

Heikki Sorsa has a pro model with Weekend Snowboards which if you haven’t checked out, you should check out their 2011 snowboards.

Last year’s returning champion Lauri Heiskari.

I really like the base of this board.  It’s snowboarding, have fun!

Scotty Arnold tweaking it out for the marshmellow

First time watching Burton rider Kazu ride the pipe and wow you just keep watching, waiting for more from each run.

Snowing at Hood in July!  Ok well seriously Aaron Bittner sprayed the crap out of the pipe and I liked the snow effect that happened on the mountain!

Some ideas might not always be the best decision…like not wearing a shirt, catching your edge in the pipe and scraping off your nipple.

The House Paul and Kate getting some video action going on

To experience the Chinese Downhill with no Chinese snowboarders is a little weird but the downhill portion was super fast and full on attack the mountain mode for the pros in it.   The camp was cleared with no campers and the possibilities were endless.  The riders started at the top of the mini pipe, then had to go through the jump or rail line, around the quarterpipe and into the superpipe to finish the race.

All the pros charging the mini pipe

All the pros were hilarious to watch especially when they jumped into the halfpipe with more air than expected and some made it through.  Bryan Fox lead the charge and won the downhill.

After the Chinese Downhill everyone was just hanging around

Photographer Aaron Dodds is rad, in pictures he might look a little off but in real life he’s a gem.

To finish up a great day on the slopes, a bunch of us headed to government camp for the always amazing Cobradogs where Corey was ready to deliver some yummy goodness as an afternoon delight.  Snapped this shot of Dan Mcnamara from Weekend Snowboards ahead of me in line.

I would have to say today was a great day, definitely one of those contests that’s fun to watch because it’s so relax and chill.  It’s hilarious to hear the guys cuss up a storm in the pipe and master so many different features in two days.  Tomorrow’s a play day on the slopes but we’ll end with a awards ceremony to find out who the next Top Pro Model is.

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