America’s Next Top Pro Model: High Ollie & Jib

18 Jul, 2010

The crew at Snowboarder Magazine arrived at Mt Hood to bring back America’s Next Top Pro Model contest at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.  The Next Top Pro model is a super fun contest based around pros having fun on their pro models.  Maybe it’s the boards, maybe it’s the rider…the Next Top Pro Model determines all!   Today was Day 1 which meant the high ollie and best jib would start things off with the pro riders who have pro model snowboards.  All the major coverage will be on including a ton more photos and videos of the events.

I haven’t been to HCSC yet this summer but definitely been eyeing up the park features they have so I was stoked to come check out the park for the contest.  It meant a fun day at HCSC hanging with the Snowboarder Mag crew, pros and other rad people that came out to watch the contest.

The morning was spent at HCSC just watching the crew set up for the contest.  Luckily I had great company, I ended up running into Kate and Paul from The House.  Kate reads this blog and so it was rad to finally meet her in person after reading her comments.  We ended up lapping the mountain and hanging all day.

Snowboarder Magazine’s Editor Pat Bridges, Associate Editor T-bird and Photo Editor Huggy at the mountain

To start off the contest, it was time for the High Ollie where each pro would have a chance to go up the measurement pole to see how high they can ollie.

Pros mingling right in front of your eyes

The insane part about the high ollie contest was the height they would get and barely make it.

Keegan Valaika taking the win for the high ollie contest with an impressive 4 feet!

After some downtime we switched it over to the jib feature where Jesse Burtner got on the mic to make us laugh all day.  I think my favorite line of his was Austin Smith throwing down and him saying “Austin Smith not waiting for the honeymoon”

What sets these guys apart from other pros?  They have pro model snowboards.  Kyle Clancy dragging his board up the mountain

For the jib feature everyone gathered around to watch the riders show off their skills and impress each other.  The judging would come from the riders so impressing your peers was the way to win.

No doubt that Joe Sexton was the winner of the jib contest, he threw down everytime.

Spectators hanging out enjoying the view

Kyle Clancy taking his boardslides like a champ

In this photo Kyle Clancy completed a boardslide to frontflip to boardslide…it was really impressive to watch

Yeah Derek Dennison getting at it on his Technine pro model snowboard

MFM on hand to show off his classic style

Keegan Valaika going big for the camera

Ikka Backstrom was my personal favorite for the fun factor.  He kept messing with everyone by coming up to the jib with one foot or not strapped in, almost going for it…then jumping off and yelling just kidding!

Mike Bashor, Joe Sexton and Jeff Baker sitting down and talking it up during the jib contest

Stoked to see what pros come out tomorrow for the Spin to Win, high air in pipe and chinese downhill portion of the contest.  Then to end things on a great note, it’s the silent auction and awards ceremony on the last day.

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