Timberline 7/14/10

14 Jul, 2010

Normally during the off days from camp I’ve been completely getting away from camp and Mt Hood in order to come back totally stoked but today was the best off day!  Last night some of the Stevens Pass crew rolled into town so I grabbed Nate and we headed to Lake Trillium to camp out for the night.  It meant a lot of booze and some trees died but it ended up being such a fun night before a day of shred with them today.

The boys riding down Palmer

The public park switched over to being below the public pipe so now there are two jumps and then rail/box features below.  I liked the switch since it meant lapping pipe, taking jump photos and hitting the boxes on the way down the run.  Rocks on the mountain are showing through so finally got some nerve to ollie some rocks today.


Erik’s almost method

We just had fun lapping park, I gave Erik some slack but it was such a fun day riding with the boys again.  It really helps to ride with people that you just have a fun time with down the mountain.  Stoked the guys will come back so we can shred together again.

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