Timberline 7/26/10

26 Jul, 2010

We’re already down to the last two sessions before Windells ends…summer has flown by with the amount of fun I’ve been having. The session 6 campers arrived today so it was a perfect day to head up to the slopes to just freeride without either camp operating.  Timberline is a public mountain but the camps have their own private parks however just lapping the chairlifts and public park are enough for a amazing day of shredding.

Dillon laying down a carve on the slope

Wide open Palmer snowfield laps

Today was so much fun for just making the mountain a funfest.  Dillon and I spent most of the day riding together, getting in some fun slow laps ollie’ing rocks, snow chunder, bonking fences…whatever we felt like.

Towards the bottom of Palmer was a snow pile that you could gap so the guys tried their hand at getting some on it.

Dillon getting in his tailgrab

Jordan spraying up some snow

For the last lap we headed through the public park which is still going strong right next to Magic Mile.


Cooper on the second jump doing a tailgrab tuck


Now it’s off to Windells Camp to welcome the session 6 campers!  Seriously what a fun day of shred, bummed that there’s only a couple more weeks left of this.  Also stoked to meet Ben and Darlene in the parking lot, they read the blog and it was rad to end the day saying hi to people stoked on the shred.

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  1. Ben Rupp
    July 29, 2010

    It was great meeting you Shay! Darlene and I had such a great time on the hill…alas we had to return to Seattle and to work. Thanks for keeping us updated on the snow conditions up on Hood. I have a couple of other friends that have been following your blog daily…they are headed down next week to get some turns in. We are tring or hardest to get on snow every month this year…. August we’ll be hiking some snow at Ranier.

  2. July 30, 2010

    Ben, great meeting you two! Bummer on work but rad you made it down to the mountain! Sweet you will be riding every month this year, that’s such a rad thing to accomplish!