Timberline & Windells 7/7/10

07 Jul, 2010

Session 4 of Windells began yesterday but today was the first day to hit the slopes.  It was fun having some time off in Seattle but great to be back on the mountain.  The summer weather finally delivered with a very warm day in Oregon but the winds stayed up on the mountain and kept us relatively cool each lap.

I stayed with the adult campers for the morning which is always so much fun to hang out with the adults that come to camp.  We had a really good crew with coaches Moss and Paul, Dino, Evonne (?), Beau and Kyle.

It’s fun to pick out the Camper of the Day each day, usually I go to the coaches and pick a group to follow.  Once I have the group, I’ll get a recommendation from the coach or hang out to see who seems like a good choice.  Today was Camper of the Day for Beau and he was picked by Brandon Cocard (not even his coach) to be the Camper.  Brandon asked if I had picked someone yet and I told him no but knew the group…he was the one who sealed the deal for Beau because he was rocking Airblaster goggles.  I later made sure that Beau met Brandon in the parking lot.

We spent most of the day in the public park which had the jump and box features open.

Evonne getting it on the flat to down box

Dino on the flat to down box staying low

Kyle on the flat to down box

It was a really chill day on the mountain, I ended up eating it a lot during the day…fell more today than the whole summer combined but I tried new boxes and trying to progress on my own.  For the afternoon, it was a beach session followed up by a bbq dinner.  Definitely looking forward to more time on snow!

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  1. evonne
    July 13, 2010

    Hey shay add me on FB. Can’t find u on Mary’s page. I like all the pics of my big butt! So fun riding and sessioning with ya! Hope ur feeling better…!