Timberline & Windells Camp 7/22/10

22 Jul, 2010

Today was the last on-snow day of session 5 here at Windells Camp and probably the least favorite day for weather since the winds were blowing hard on the mountain making it sunny but cold.  It was a quick day on the mountain, headed up with Izzy’s group, took some laps, had a long lunch and came down early so I could take a phone call with a possible job opportunity.

Head Coach Danger Dave on his way to the mountain

I ended up hanging out with Izzy Lalive’s group for the day, one of her campers learned how to snowboard at Windells and has been killing it at progressing this week.  She was Camper of the Day for today as well.

When all else fails for flat ride on features to get used to riding a box…use a snowboard in the snow.  That’s what we did with one of the campers to help her learn on much easier stuff.

Park is still in great shape for almost late July, hard to believe there’s only two sessions left but stoked for possible opportunities coming up this winter!

Windells Academy student Sydney on the up down box

Since camp is ending today and tomorrow is departure day, it means a fun night with disorientation to send off the campers.  Stoked for the next couple days off from the mountain since I’ll be heading into Seattle to see MGMT and hang out.

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