Timberline & Windells Camp 7/28/10

28 Jul, 2010

July is coming to an end but even still every day on the slopes is another day of snowboarding at Timberline and having fun at Windells Camp.  The snow is melting faster on the slopes which means you hike to the parking lot at the end of the day or at the end of each run on the lower chairlift so most of the days are spent on Palmer Chairlift getting the laps in.

I started the morning with a full run through Windells which I haven’t done in a while, the pipe is now at the bottom of our park and it was in prime condition for a fun lap through with the tunes cranked.

Mackenzie getting some air in the Windells pipe

Never Summer is still in town, here’s Ryan Cruze in a slow 180 over Ricky’s head.

Head Coach Danger Dave getting his coaching time in this summer

I wasn’t feeling so good today but I did talk to Murphy to find a Camper of the Day and we found Liz on the up to flat box learning to ride boxes at camp and mastering her turns.

Corbin showing his campers what to do on the box

It was an early day of shredding for me, I came down early to chill and relax and catch up on blog emails.  This summer has been so much fun that I’ve been slower in getting back to emails/questions from readers so my apologies but you’ll definitely get a reply soon.

In the evening, Johnny Lazz was rallying the troops around the kitchen for Rome’s sponsor night.

Kids had to hide and try to outrun the mustache attackers

I made sure to get my board waxed for tomorrow’s shred…it was much needed and hoping for a great day on snow because of it!

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