Timberline & Windells Camp 7/31/10

31 Jul, 2010

You know it’s a great day when you start and end your day with songs from the Robotfood movies…they just do a great job of pumping you up for a day of shred and stoking you out on the end of a great day.  It’s day 140 of the 09-10 season for me, hard to believe this is the longest I’ve ever ridden and everyday still is great!

It was a late start to the day but a great day with the girls.  Skate coach Lisa who I’ve hung out a lot with this summer was able to get up to the mountain and ride today!

Mountain conditions were perfect, barely any lines after 10:30am and the Windells park was even less busy than usual.  I guess a lot of kids were tired this session and called it a day earlier than usual.

Lisa carving down Palmer snowfield

One of the best parts of Mt Hood and Windells is the people.  There’s so many rad people you come across from both camps and locals in the area that are just loving the summer shred.   I was able to take a lap with Tyler who does all the session videos for Windells, he works so hard all summer getting all the footage and it was rad to get to ride with him for a run.

I had the best day ever for my riding, finally feeling comfortable on the rainbow box at the top of the park and just loving the corrogated tube in the park.  I had to ollie onto the tube and it felt a lot more comfortable.  Stoked for some progression today!

Us girls on the mountain:  Izzy, Lisa and myself

Never Summer rider Ryan handplanting the wallride

Ryan getting a stalefish off the rhythm section in the park

Never Summer rider Chris Lynch held a super long stall on the wallride

The end of the day meant some fun parking lot downtime and a walk up from the parking lot which held such a rad view of all the cars and Mt Hood keeping busy as usual.

Tomorrow is the last on snow day for session 6 so definitely stoked to have a fun day of shred again and some chill time!

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  1. August 02, 2010

    OH MY GOD I LOVE LISA’S JERSEY. meow meow meow