Timberline & Windells Camp 7/9/10

09 Jul, 2010

The very very hot weather has arrived at Windells Camp and the mountain delivered another sunny slushy day on the slopes which makes riding park very forgiving.  I started the morning with some laps from top to bottom through Windells private park and then through the public park.  The snow is melting/changing so each day the features can change up.  For the afternoon I stuck to Windells park where I got to watch the Technine Dream Feature action go down, pick a Camper of the Day and work on my pipe riding.

View from the top of Palmer overlooking the Windells private park

Today I got to tag along with coach Billy Rodriguez’s team awesome and found Chloe who at 12 years old is stepping up her park riding. She was Camper of the Day on the Windells Blog.

It’s Technine session week at camp which means MFM, Lucas Magoon and a bunch of other Technine riders are in town to support the cause.  It was rad to see Lucas back on his board after his serious injury last summer.  The Technine dream feature is pretty gnarly and some sketchy falls took place.

Lucas Magoon

Jonah Owen

Camper Taylor (a girl!) going for it and all the guys watching!

The bag jump was up today with the jump leading into it and the pipe entrance.  I need to start hitting the jump side again.

After some downtime at the beach by the river, it’s time to head out with the adults tonight for Sushi night!  Stoked, we have a great crew of adults that I get to hang out with.  The whole sushi dinner write up is on the Windell’s blog with more pictures.  It was so good to get out for the evening and join along on the festivities with the adults.

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  1. JT
    July 09, 2010

    Stoked to see Lucas out there riding again! Looks like a blast Shay!

  2. andrew
    July 10, 2010

    is high cascade on the right side of that picture of windell’s?