Timberline & Windells & HCSC 7/20/10

21 Jul, 2010

The last couple days have been spent at HCSC for America’s Next Top Pro Model contest which has been so much fun to be able to watch it live and be a part of it.  The last couple days have been so much fun hanging out with the Snowboarder crew and House crew in town plus getting to meet some rad pros.

Today was meant to be a weather day in case the contest needed it and since the weather has been perfect it meant a free day to hang out at HCSC and Windells. Definitely riding both parks has been so much fun and so glad I got the chance to check out HCSC as well.

I ended up lapping the mountain with Kate from the House.  It’s been so much fun riding and hanging out with her the last couple days.  Today we ended up doing Palmer laps since the mountain was a blast and then going into HCSC to get in some park laps.

At lunch time I headed back over to Windells to check out what was happening and found Murphy on the wall ride getting some stall action in.

I also got to tag along with KC one of the female skiers at camp who was the Windells Camper of the Day and snapped some shots of her on the rail line.  It’s been such a rad summer to meet all the different campers from around the world and watch them progress their skills in just a matter of days on the mountain.

Back at HCSC for the afternoon, Kate was trying to stomp the down flat down rail and got this shot of her on it.

Kate also hit up the bag jump at HCSC and was trying her first flips which were so much fun to watch her try to stomp them.  I took out the camera to get some video of her so here’s a look at the bag jump at HCSC.

Kate hits the bag jump at HCSC from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

At the end of the day we ran into Huggy at the base which was perfect timing for heading down the mountain into govy for food and drinks to end the day on a great note.  Of course there was some talk about Huggy totally denying my hug request but eventually he caved in and I got a great hug.

It was such a great day on the slopes and the evening was so much fun at the America’s Next Top Pro Model silent auction and awards.  Definitely stoked to have such great days out here on the mountain.

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  1. Kate
    July 22, 2010

    Bevo! I had so much fun hanging with you at Hood Shay! Some time, some where we have to do it again. Be sure to save me some snacks!

  2. July 22, 2010

    Kate, most definitely! So glad we hung out and definitely have to do it again! Bevho’s for life!