Industry Profile: K2 Sales Rep John JP Pinnick

12 Aug, 2010

Job Title: Sales Rep
Employer: K2 Snowboarding
Years on snow: 20
Days on snow: Not enough
Currently Riding: Gyrator/Parkstar-Auto Evers-Maysis
Currently I am: Waiting to get the boat out for wake laps and writing this

Shay: Tell us a little bit about yourself
JP: Not a NATIVE… but got here as fast as I could. hehe. In 1990 I became a CO resident going to the Colorado Institute of Art. I have 2 daughters in Kansas along with a few grandchildren. (in Kansas we reproduce at 18)

Shay: How has snowboarding changed your life?
JP: Snowboarding IS my life. I really owe allot of the best times in my life to SB. It has opened doors that probably would not of even existed for me.

Shay: How did you get your start in the industry, who or what opened up more opportunities for you?
JP: In 99 I started driving a truck delivering product to mountain stores for SSV and haven’t looked back since.

Shay: How has your previous education or work experience helped you in your current job?
JP: I had already been riding for 9 years BUT in 99 it consumed me. I started riding 80+ days as a front ranger and learning as much as I could about everything SB. Worked my way into the shop, up the ladder and into a sub-rep position with R2-K2. My education FROM work experience has gotten me here now as principal rep.

Shay: Tell us about your role at K2 and a description of the work you do?
JP: Well, as of May 15th I am taking over as principal rep for K2 here in the Rockies Region as R2 is retiring. So my roll is expanding this year to being the guy telling me what to do, hehe. I handle everything from showing product, riding, writing orders, store clinics, on-snow demos, riding, product advisory, sales help, riding, answer phones, drive, it’s a great gig if you like being busy and are a “Road Warrior”.

Shay: What’s an average day like at work for you?
JP: Depends on the time of season but allot of driving and talking on the phone, mixed with some store visits, trade shows, demos and hopefully some snowboarding.

Shay: What are some memorable experiences from working in the industry?
JP: Have been on allot of great trips with great people. Back in the SSV days, trip to VT with the b, demo days shenanigans with the OLD crew, Whistler the first year for my first sales meeting, VEGAS, and plenty more to come, they only get better from here.

Shay: What do you think are the biggest challenges that the snowboard industry faces and what changes would you like to see for the future?
JP: One of the biggest challenges right now is finding a balance with internet dealers and B&M shops, there is a solution we just need to work as a whole and find it. Another is the amount of product that has gotten pushed into the market and now we’re ALL paying the price. I think the industry has gotten a fresh face recently with all the new shapes and there is going to be a little resurgence coming about.

Shay: Education vs Experience…which do you think is more important?
JP: I think education is very useful if it is the CORRECT education, I think it is pushed on people without a direction. You should go to school to learn about what you want to do not get taught what you should do. I do believe allot can be learned through life experience, most of the time if you learn a little through life you seek more knowledge about that subject. Always learning…

Shay: What advice would you give to people wanting to work in the industry?
JP: If you work hard just like anything else it will work for you. Allot of people think they can just roll into this industry and have a blast. You can, BUT it is still a job and if you screw around too long someone will notice. Work at a shop, at a resort, read all you can about all the companies, ride as many companies as you can not just your favorite, be knowledgeable about the sport. HAVE FUN!!!

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  1. August 12, 2010

    Great interview Shay. Like your focus on the carrier side of snow sporting. You and JP are living proof that passion is profitable.

  2. August 16, 2010

    Good Job, k2 snowboards are my favorite.

  3. gags
    August 16, 2010

    JP is a tour de force….congrats on the big step up this year buddy!