Review: Remind Insoles

02 Aug, 2010

Intended Purpose: The Remind insoles come in two versions, cush and thin.  The thin are meant for more shoes and low impact like walking, the cush are ideal for higher impact activities like snowboarding.  I’ve worn both in my snowboard boots and the cush are definitely more favorable for snowboarding.

Appearance: This is one of my favorite things about Reminds insoles is that they don’t look like your typical insole of ugly plain colors.  They have the artist collaboration series which feature a variety of local artists/riders on the insoles but you can also get the regular insole with the remind logo on them.

Fit: I wear a size 8 snowboard boot and shoe so the size 8-8.5 insole is what I rock and it was a perfect fit into my snowboard boot.  Usually I need to trim and adjust the insole to fit in, but these worked perfectly with no adjustments.  The fit to my feet feels really comfortable and gives good arch support.

Features: Remind insoles feature a moisture wicking fabric, highly durable rubberized foam, high grade gel, bladder construction.  Remind focuses on giving riders an affordable insole that has the same benefits as a full custom orthotic one.  The biggest feature for me is the memory foam gel making for a really comfortable feel that is molded to my foot.

Durability: I’ve put in well over 50 days on the cush insoles which have held up very well for 50 days so far.  One of the insoles (right foot) has come unglued at the heel which means I can see inside the insole (see third photo).  The gel is still in great shape and the padding is still holding up good.  I’ve only removed them from my boot once since putting them in.

Thoughts: I’ve spent the remainder of the season with remind insoles in my boots, from the cush to the thin version.  For my normal shoes, the thin version works great for walking around and being comfortable.  It isn’t ideal in snowboard boots, definitely didn’t offer enough padding for snowboarding.  The cush versions were ideal for snowboarding and have been my main insole this winter in my boots.

If you look at the stock insoles in snowboard boots they really don’t offer anything to a snowboarder so I always end up getting new insoles when I get new snowboard boots and they last the same amount of days as my snowboard boots.  The remind insoles have held up in the summer which is very good, most summer riding means wet boots from riding all day and it definitely beats gear up quicker in the summer from the warmth and sweat.

Inside my boot

After 50 days

Inside the insole

Remind Insoles Product Description


Review Disclosure: I received these insoles from Remind.

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  1. David
    August 02, 2010

    What other insoles have you used in the past and how do you think these stack up? I’ve given some thought to these. I’ve ridden with Superfeet Korks the past two seasons but want to try something a little less supportive, especially in the forefoot.

  2. August 02, 2010

    David, I’ve also used the superfeet kork and I prefer the reminds over them. Just more comfortable and feels like it molds to my feet better than the superfeet. I’ve also been trying out the shredsoles.

  3. Sierrazim
    August 02, 2010

    Over the past 4 or 5 years I’ve tried them all from Dr Scholls all the way up to custom insoles for 180.00. This last season I decided to try no insoles at all one day and haven’t looked back since. Not a pressure point to be had and was so comfortable the whole day. I say give that a try and see what you think, less was definitely more in my case.

  4. Reneator
    August 03, 2010

    Hey Shay,

    i read your article above and was wondering about the necessity of insoles, because i dont know any rider (also not at the snowshop at my home (but maybe i didnt really noticed^^)) using insoles. Are those important/helpful for riding??

    greetings Reneator

  5. Travis
    August 03, 2010

    Wow! cool to see the mechanics… Those things look Legit!

  6. August 28, 2010

    Sierrazim, did you have anything in your boots at all or just nothing?

    Reneator, all boots come with insoles from the factory but they are generic and usually don’t offer anything for support. There are brands like superfeet that are popular and easy to replace. I prefer to replace the generic ones in my snowboard boots with more comfortable, supportive insoles like remind, shredsoles or superfeet.

    Travis, definitely a rad option to consider

  7. Jason
    September 08, 2010

    Hi Shay

    I’ve got boots that had heat-mouldable liners when I bought them in store, so they correspond to my feet exactly.

    Do soles such as these negate the benefits? Or do they follow the contours of the liners well enough that the shape translates?

    Thanks – sorry for the slightly geeky question!!

  8. Eric stivers
    March 18, 2011

    Um, yea, these were the biggest waste of money ever. Felt like a completely flat insole and I have a low arch as it is. Definitely did not give me the support I needed. I unfortunately cannot recommend these to anyone.