Shay Update: 10-11 Winter

30 Aug, 2010

I haven’t closed the door on the 09-10 winter yet since I’m hoping to make a trip down to Timberline for another day on the slopes but in just a couple of weeks the 10-11 winter will be arriving for snowboarders.  Colorado is getting ready with snowmaking that will allow for them to hopefully have another October opening and by November many more resorts will be opening up for the season.  It’s been another amazing year of snowboarding as I have just completed my longest season on snow from Colorado to Mt Hood without needing to leave the United States.  Until winter arrives, I’ll keep with the distractions of the snowboard premieres that are about to arrive full force as the temperatures drop.

This was my third summer of Industry Profiles Interviews that take up the summer twice a week and give a glimpse of people and jobs within the snowboard industry.  The format became more condensed and easier to work with which has made it less time consuming and hopefully you guys have liked them!  I’m getting the last of the interviews in from a variety of pros, designers, founders and magazines.  September will be the last month for the interviews to be posted up and they’ll return next summer 2011 if anyone misses the boat or if you know of someone who would be good to showcase (just let me know).

Right now I’m at a crossroads in life and trying to stay optimistic about the future.  It’s been interesting to go from Colorado to Mt Hood to the unknown.  Right now I’m interviewing and applying to different jobs so working on finding the right job.  I’m unknown about where I’ll spend this winter, what mountain I’ll be riding or where I’ll have a season pass.  I could live back in the cities or in the mountains, it’s all up in the air.  There’s a lot of unknowns for me which is scary but also gives hope for the future of experiences to come my way.  In the meantime I’m working on finishing up reviews that took a backseat this summer, compiling ideas for this winter and preparing for all possibilities.

Since so much is up in the open for the winter and I’m currently in Seattle for a couple weeks, here are the upcoming events that I’m hoping to check out in the northwest region until I know where/what I’ll be doing next.


  • 9/2 Volcom Snow “9191” premiere at King Cat Theatre, Seattle, WA
  • 9/3 Evo First Friday with Smith Optics, Seattle, WA
  • 9/9 Absinthe Films “NowHere” at Egyptian Theatre, Seattle, WA
  • 9/28 TGR & Jeremy Jones “Deeper” at Egyptian Theatre, Seattle, WA

So here’s to the unknown that lies ahead and we’ll see where I end up this winter!

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  1. August 30, 2010

    Was talking over your future at the Absinthe premiere with Mimi and Meisha …

    Also still bitter about the 9191 thing … stupid Veeco

  2. September 02, 2010

    well burrito, we’ll see on the future jobs where I end up. Bummer on 9191 not going there but you got F’ it and Seattle didn’t! haha gotta drive to Portland for that one!