Timberline 8/13/10

13 Aug, 2010

The last couple days have been a whirlwind of fun here at Mt Hood, Oregon.  My time at Windells Camp came to an end which meant celebrating with the staff party, then packing everything up to move out of the ark.  I ended up not going far since I’ll be staying in Govy the next couple days to enjoy some quiet shred time on the mountain before moving around again.  Today was windy on the mountain but luckily the mountain did open for operations and that meant an afternoon of shred!

Now that the camps are done, Timberline is your own playground.  The public park has taken over HCSC’s park and looks to be opening up tomorrow hopefully.  It’s definitely the best time to be on the mountain, no lines, great people and still great snow on Palmer chairlift.

Julie getting her turns in

What’s soon to be public park today the mini pipe and halfpipe were popping with people enjoying the park.

Geoff in the halfpipe

Stoked to be riding this weekend and enjoying some shred time.  I’m still not sick of it…I thought maybe I might be at the end of the summer but still loving every day of shred.  After this…comes a lot of unknowns but I’m just having fun until then!

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  1. JT
    August 15, 2010


    Awesome, I’m glad you had an amazing summer. Next year maybe I can get my ass up to camp and hang out, especially since you’re not in CO, anymore 🙁 Best of luck going forward!!!!