Timberline 8/16/10

16 Aug, 2010

Normally I don’t take off the weekend from blogging it up but the last 36 hours I was in a car driving from Oregon to Colorado and then back from Colorado to Oregon with no more than 20 minutes out of the vehicle the whole time.  It was operation bring my dog home to the Northwest and it was successful!   We arrived back in Oregon at 3am but that didn’t mean today wasn’t a shred day, a couple hours of sleep later and we were on the chairlift getting turns in at Timberline.

The mountain is very very quiet except for those who live here or those who are still sticking around enjoying it.  I’m the latter, just enjoying it but definitely ready to enjoy a fall break from snowboarding soon.  I’ve got friends Julie, Geoff and Erin in town so we headed up to the mountain in the late morning.  Public park is up and with a ton of features since they took over the HCSC park including the mini pipe and halfpipe plus jumps plus rails/boxes.

I mostly made laps with Geoff for the day which was a blast playing around on the snow and then cruising through the park then getting on palmer chairlift for more laps.  The driving from the last 36 hours definitely made today a tiring day on the slopes but held up through it!

Geoff on the down rail

Geoff boardslide

Another day up on the slopes tomorrow and then probably heading to Seattle away from the shred for a couple weeks!

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