Timberline 8/17/10

18 Aug, 2010

So far this has been the best and also the longest season I’ve had which is making it hard to come back to reality but I know the time is coming soon.  Today was day 150 of the season, it’s so crazy that I’ve spent almost half my year snowboarding but I feel incredibly lucky to experience it.

Every morning at Timberline begins in the parking lot where you see familiar faces, listen to music and get your gear ready for the day.  This morning I recognized a familiar face but couldn’t place how I knew him.  Eventually on the mountain I said hello and realized it was Matt from Leavenworth.  I had met him and his girl Victoria a couple years ago through the blog so it was rad piecing that together.  We ended up making laps for the day and caught some photos of him.

Snow conditions at Timberline are still holding up great especially for park laps on Palmer chairlift.  The mini pipe and halfpipe were so much fun just cruising through.

Erin cruising it up

Matt getting some air on the snowboarder-made jump feature at the top of Palmer

Geoff on the wall ride in the park

Definitely ready for another day of snowboarding but also looking forward to some time off to collect myself.  I did realize that If I ride September at Timberline then I’ll hit the every month of the riding for the this year again.  Who knows what’s in store for this winter but I’m excited for snowboarding!

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