Timberline 8/18/10

18 Aug, 2010

I won’t call this the last day of the season yet because I know that come September a day trip down to Timberline would be worth it but it’s the last day for me as of right now.  My knees feel sore but my heart is still wanting more of the mountain.  The park has been a blast with the two halfpipes and being able to lap Palmer chairlift until the lifts close at 1:30pm.

Since the camps have ended I’ve met some great people on the mountain and become more familiar with faces I’ve seen all summer.  It’s down to the last bunch of riders sticking it out before moving on.  Today we made laps with the Caked Snowboard crew who have been here all summer living the dream with my friends Julie and Geoff.

Matt in the minipipe

For snowboarders there are two fun laps at Timberline right now.  You have option A which is to jib the rocks, hit the kickers along the run and spin/press/butter your heart out down the mountain or option B which is the mogul line, once the racers leave and the snow softens up the mogul line is insanely fun and doable for snowboarders.

The Option A ride onto rocker and ollie off rock.  I finally did it!

So now it’s onto Seattle for the next couple weeks!  I won’t say goodbye to the snow but I will say…it’s been the best summer ever and I want more.

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