Timberline 8/3/10

04 Aug, 2010

It’s the weekend for Windells Camp which means most of the staff disperses to the coast or into the woods and Timberline has less people so it’s the perfect time for getting up to ride.  Public park is still holding up with a jump line and rail features but the only downside is the hike out at the bottom so most people hike the features.  For us it meant getting tons of laps in on Palmer before heading to the park to end the day on.

When the camps close down, the features close down but it makes for more features that you can create on the slopes.  Big piles of snow that become jumps, jibs and just plain fun to be ridden.

Dillon charging a race camps mogul course

The jumps are unrideable sometimes but the side of them are fair game

Summer at Mt Hood, it’s a dream right?  My friend Julie from the east coast gave her kids the best summer ever by renting a condo all summer, buying season passes at Timberline and shredding every day with her kids.  I love seeing them up there and being able to hang out with them.

One of my goals this summer has been to ollie onto rails from the side, it’s just what you do and I have been slacking at doing it.  The second rail in the public park was perfect, double barrel rail that wasn’t too high off the ground and the takeoff was good.  The first time I just rode next to it but the second time I committed and rode onto it!  I was soo stoked to actually ollie onto a rail and actually ride it.  I did a couple more times before calling it a day.  Definitely hoping to keep progressing and stepping it up!


Tyler on the public park line

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  1. Kate
    August 04, 2010

    Yeah Shay! Ollie Machine!

  2. August 05, 2010

    yay shannon!! side-approach rails are scary. i’m starting to like them though!! so stoked to read about your progression. now, where are you going to after hood?? me thinks i need to make a trip out.