Timberline & HCSC 8/10/10

11 Aug, 2010

The last day of camp.  Summer has flown by so quickly that it’s hard to believe it’s the last on-snow day and camp is ending.   After having such a great progression session yesterday, I headed back to HCSC to finally dial in some tricks that I wanted.  Not to say that I couldn’t do it at Windells but being able to be coached by Chris Hargrave to get my tricks helps me much more than trying them on my own.  A huge thanks to Corey at HCSC for being so rad with letting me ride their camp the last 2 days.

Summer has been unbelievable.  I gave up on what society considers norm (job, house, responsibility) to come out to Hood and snowboard for the summer.  While I am still unsure what the future holds…the journey is amazing and that’s what counts.

It’s been fun being able to ride both HCSC since I spent the entire summer at Windells and have fun on their features.

Today felt like my most progressive day of the season for dialing in tricks.  I finally got the nerve to hit jumps comfortably and worked on my board slides, frontside and backside.

Being able to have Chris Hargrave as my coach for the day really made my summer.  I’ve known Chris for over 10 years, he’s seen me progress as a rider and he watched me come back after knee surgery.  He pushes my riding because he knows I can do it and gives me all the tools to actually do it.  I stayed till the last possible second in the HCSC park because I was having so much fun and finally dialing in tricks.  It was tough to leave.

So now that camp is ending, it means I am going to stick around in Govy for the next couple days to get some more snowboard time in at Timberline without the camps.  Then I’ll head back to CO to get my dog and probably chill in WA for a little bit as I figure things out.  It’s definitely an up-in-the-air kind of time for me right now but excited for what the future might hold!

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  1. Todd
    August 12, 2010

    Good luck and stay after it.