Timberline & HCSC 8/9/10

09 Aug, 2010

When it comes to snowboarding at Mt Hood, there is only one camp that’s 100% snowboarders and that’s High Cascade Snowboard Camp located right next to Windells on the mountain.  I had the opportunity earlier this summer to check out HCSC when Snowboarder Magazine came to town and I had a blast riding there for a couple days.  So when my good friend Chris Hargrave from Burton Academy came out to coach at HCSC for this last session and offered to help me with tricks, I knew that there was no turning down that chance.

This summer at Hood has been about progression but it’s been tougher when working on my progression since coaches are busy with their students and there are plenty of days where I ride alone without pushing myself.  Granted I’m doing better but I still want more from my park riding.  I used to work with Chris in AASI-NW as clinic leaders and I love his teaching style, it’s easy because there are steps he gives you to reach the goal.  Plus Chris pushes me, he won’t accept me being weak…and I need that.

Today we worked on backside butters, switch riding, butters to 180’s, tripods, front flips (which I want to get but I need to work on the on-snow more tomorrow) and backside 360’s.  It was the most fun day in a long time and I was really stoked to be doing fun stuff that I needed to work on.  Plus the group of riders were super supportive and that was something I needed to be around lately.

Part of the HCSC park right now and my favorite park because there’s the superpipe, couple boxes, small jumps and the air bag.  We worked on the jumps today and for me that’s a big deal to get back on jumps trying spins.

Chris teaching how to spin a 360 by first doing it on snow, cheating it and then actually doing it.

Chris Hargrave and the other coaches in the background

Some jump action going on

Some of my most fun days are when I don’t take out the camera as much and that was today, I snapped some shots but ended up working harder on my 360’s than taking photos.  Stoked that I was able to spend the day with Chris and HCSC getting some “me” riding time in.

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  1. Doug
    August 11, 2010

    Hey Shay!

    I’m also trying to work on butters and other ground tricks too, I could never get the 360 press or nose slide. If you can pass along some pointers that be awesome. Maybe like your own guide on performing them that worked out for you.

    I been dying to hit the slopes but can’t take off, probably won’t see snow till late November.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. j
    August 11, 2010

    You ever get in the foam pit?

  3. August 13, 2010

    Doug, I just am practicing on the snow now and really trying to press it out by shifting the board away from me. Now I’m spinning 360’s on the snow and getting them too. It definitely helps to ride with people who are trying them and just copy them, do what they do.

    J, just a couple jumps in this summer.