Timberline & Windells Camp 8/1/10

01 Aug, 2010

One of my favorite days of each session is usually the last day because the mountain is quiet, the private windells camp is quieter and it’s my day to just enjoy the ride!  I’ve been working on my riding more this session, feeling more comfortable on higher rails and still working on ollie’ing onto features comfortable.  I hope by next session I keep stepping it up and end on a really high note for the season.

Today’s contest was on the corrugated tube by the digger tent as riders were told what tricks to stomp

Tyler Malay getting some flip time in off the mogul jumps on palmer snowfield

Getting into the Windells park is a lot easier when you ollie over the rope like Dillon Malay

Izzy Lalive has been the raddest person I’ve met this summer, seriously such a great soul in snowboarding and she just kills it.

Rob Kingwell has been at camp this week and such a fun person to see outside the dinner table.

It’s the last day of session 6 since tomorrow the campers will be heading home.  Then it’ll be a couple days off before session 7 begins (the last and final snowboard session of the summer).

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  1. bored
    August 03, 2010


    How much are they paying you to advertise their camp?

  2. August 04, 2010

    Bored, wish you were here! I work for Windells Camp and I also blog every day that I ride so not a bad job at all.