Timberline & Windells Camp 8/6/10

06 Aug, 2010

Today was the first day of on-snow for session 7 and definitely time to throw down the tricks before summer ends!  Timberline is still in great condition, Palmer chairlift is covered with good amount of snow still and the snow where the parks are at is still holding up.

I have a rad schedule that I stick to now, cruise in the morning and take laps for myself then get the Camper of the Day for the afternoon.  It works out pretty good and gives me “my” time to enjoy some shred practice.  Today I worked on ollie’ing onto two new rails in the park.  I eventually ate it a lot…some good wipeouts today.

Diggers cleaning up one of the rails I tried today

Brandon on the same rail

Windells digger Christi cruising down the Palmer snowfield

Keith riding some pole

Dillon jumping the sign into camp

For the afternoon I found the Camper of the Day with Jesse’s group, Madison proved herself on the slopes and so I got to tag along with her to get some laps in.

After the day on snow, it was time to head back down to camp to chill for a bit and get dinner.  I’ve been working in the evenings to get things dialed for when I leave camp, figuring out what’s next.

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