Timberline & Windells Camp 8/7/10

07 Aug, 2010

Above the clouds is my favorite time to be at Timberline, the moment you get above you feel on top of the world.  It can be cloudy overcast below the clouds and above the clouds it’ll be bluebird and beautiful.

Windells has the demo shack at camp with all of next year’s gear available at your disposal.  I’ve been slacking on taking out more gear since I’ve been enjoying having some time off to ride the same board and work on my riding versus changing things up.  However I finally felt motivated and took out the 10-11 Capita horrorscope to get in some park riding on it.

Despite having a late start to today I felt like I accomplished more with my riding, tried a couple new features and felt good all day long!  I love those days…plus I also did my work of getting Camper of the Day with Jon, a return camper who I met last summer at session 7.  He got injured but he came back since Windells makes his summer.

Today a lot of the staff switched it up on the mountain so a good amount of skiers were snowboarding and snowboarders were skiing. Pro skier Parker White has been at camp and was out there on the snowboard today having some fun.  He wanted to try to ride the staircase and he did it!   He’s a damn good skier but man…he should snowboard too!

Lunch time Rome contest on the corrugated tube, head coach Danger Dave getting on it.

Paul Gemignani on the kind of S rail

Murphy on the pipe jump with a no grab straight air

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