Timberline & Windells Camp 8/8/10

08 Aug, 2010

There’s only a couple days left of Windells Camp, a couple more chairlift rides, a couple more PB&J sandwiches and a couple more times to try tricks in the Windells Park.  After camp I should be able to stick around in Oregon to get in some more shred time on the mountain so I’m looking forward to not leaving right when camp is done.

Conditions for session 7 have held up, snow’s melted so fast since June when I was here and chairlift rides were below snowpiles.  Now it’s above the rocks but the spots to snowboard still have good coverage.  Weather this session has been windy but usually sunny, clouds are definitely starting to roll in more often.

Josh from kitchen crew

Another familiar face this summer has been Nate from Stevens Pass here all summer and now at Windells for the last session.

Becky getting her ski time in!

I ended up with a Camper of the Day from skier Josh Bishop’s group and tagged along to get some shots.  Unfortunately Max the camper broke his wrist later in the day so waiting to put up his photos and post until I have his interview.

I was having a great day finally ollie’ing onto features and getting it better each time, I took some spills for sure but what made the day not-so-great was when a coach I know laughed at me after I took a spill ollie’ing onto a rail.  I kept lapping through and got back on the feature to keep at it but it sucked having that moment on snow.

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