Absinthe “NowHere” premiere in Seattle

10 Sep, 2010

Every year there’s always one film that brings out the best riders and showcases snowboarding as it is, what it will become and who we are.  Whether it’s the next big gap, a wave of powder or a new way to interpret a walkway, Absinthe has the lead in showing it all and with riders who have their own style and take on snowboarding.  Absinthe’s “Nowhere” premiered in Seattle last night to a packed house of snowboarders (and skiers!) that was a must-event for the Seattle snowboard scene.

It’s been so much fun to be back in Seattle for premiere season, so many familiar faces that bring such a good vibe to the premieres.  The northwest snowboard scene definitely supports the films and the riders who bring out some banger parts.  Erik, Jason and I made it out early for the premiere and met up with a fun crew of people for the evening.

Erik, myself and Jason with Jessica giving me bunny ears

Lee, Jessica and Kat

Plenty of cheers welcomed Justin Hostynek to the stage as he introduced Nowhere to the packed audience and excitement began with feet stomping to get the film started.  Justin just did an interview on burritoandsnow that is worth checking out.

Each winter I always look forward to Absinthe’s latest film, hands down one of my favorites year after year.  This year’s Nowhere continues to dominate from start to finish. Newcomer Lucas Debari grabbed the opening that captured you right from the start with some sketchy cliff drops and charging riding.  Wolle’s riding on a noboard is insane, every year he pushes the noboard riding to the next level and wows you with what is possible.  The girls Annie and MFR constantly hold their own against the boys, MFR had a rough year with her back injury and you see her crash in the film.  I really feel bad for Burton because they lost some damn fine riders in the YES crew who are leading snowboarding on YES boards and every film just prove why they are so good.  Gigi and Blair bring out their riding which was seen in the volcom film but now with the absinthe feel to it.  Jake Blauvelt made an easy transition from Forum’s film into Absinthe without missing a beat and definitely fits the mold.  Bode Merrill man I swear you can’t take your eyes off him, from last year’s ender to this year not missing a beat and showing his level of riding it just brings so much to the film.  Bringing urban out in full force, Cale Zima keeps the fun in his snowboarding and Dan Brisse has the banger ender with a gap that floors you and makes last year’s gap look like nothing.  Missing from the film was Jeremy Jones, MFM and a couple other riders but you only realize after the film that you missed their riding and despite not having them, the film still holds it’s own.  Hands down a must buy.

At the end of the film, it was time for giveaways which the riders came up on stage to help with.  The rider appearances last night were Nicolas Muller, Lucas Debari, Annie Boulanger, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Blair Habenicht and Lucas Debari.

Nicolas Muller holding up the special YES/Absinthe snowboards to give out to some lucky winners!

Annie Boulanger came up with a boxer/underwear contest for the men in order to win a board.  This guy definitely won with his ultra fitting red hotness down under.

After the premiere it was time for the afterparty which we made our way over.  The night began with shots and ended up shots.

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  1. Fes
    September 10, 2010

    for some reason I thought they shot a segment with Terje and Woelle in Russia.

  2. September 10, 2010

    Terje had a couple shots in the film which was a pleasant surprise!

  3. Justin
    September 10, 2010

    Damn, wish I could have made it! Any going on the following week/weekend?

  4. lee
    September 10, 2010

    Ummm no mention of my popcorn run before the.movie? Wow , left out an important part there don’t ya think? LOL
    Brisse killed it end of story.

  5. September 13, 2010

    got my portland tickets!