Shay’s take on the 2011 Platinum Pick

15 Sep, 2010

I’ve gone through the Good Wood and the Best Of which means it’s onto the final test brought to you by Snowboard Magazine with their annual Platinum Pick.  The Platinum Pick test took three of Snowboard Magazine’s editors as the testers (1 female Tawyna Schultz and 2 males, Nate Deschenes and Chris Owen) who ride different terrain to judge the boards to find winners.  The result is the best of the best according to Snowboard Mag.

The Platinum Pick methology is unclear in the article so you don’t know how many boards were brought to the table or what the conditions are. I did find it funny that when I read the article they mention 15 boards but only 14 winners were listed so not sure what happened there or if i’m missing something.  You have a better understanding of who the testers than previous years but no preferences/stats/info about them.  The addition of women’s boards in the test is two thumbs up in my book, excited to see Tawyna test and take the lead on bringing out women’s boards into the limelight.

I’ve ridden 6 of the 14 boards so far and would definitely agree on all 6 being popular choices for riders.  The list includes favorites like the Smokin PYT, Burton Whammy Bar, K2 Fastplant and Rome Pusher.  They are solid choices but also safe choices if that makes sense.  All those boards had something to offer snowboarders which makes the list very realistic for most of the general snowboarding population.  I liked that there was a backcountry/big mountain option in the Dominion split and jones flagship choices but they aren’t as realistic for everyday riders.  Overall I thought the majority of the list stuck with very popular boards that will be continue to be popular this season from rider reviews and overall thoughts.  So far this list is the most like my own personal list with some exceptions.

Like I say for any board test (no matter who does it), trying these boards on your own is the only way to know what works for you.  Finding a board that works for you is most important, not what a list tells you.

Snowboard Magazine’s Platinum Pick Winners

Lib Tech TRS C2 BTX $560

Unity Dominion Splitboard $895

GNU Park Pickle (Women’s) $489

Smokin PYT (Women’s) $429

Never Summer Heritage $540

Burton Whammy Bar $400

Burton Lipstick $470

Rome Pusher $500

Rome Lo-Fi (Women’s) $430

YES Great Dudes of History $450

K2 Fastplant $500

Jones Flagship $500

Ride Highlife $550

Ride OMG (Women’s) $430

What are your thoughts on the list?

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  1. September 15, 2010

    The Smokin PYT is definitely pretty fun… VERY responsive. Almost a little too responsive for my laidback style… which is why I ended up going with the Capita Space Metal Fantasy, but I kinda want to add the PYT to my quiver also. Plus, the zebra graphics this year are super awesome.

  2. September 15, 2010

    another note on the PYT… if you live somewhere that it gets icy frequently, this board will save your life.