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24 Sep, 2010

There are many definitions for support, whether it’s to maintain or give approval to but what about in snowboarding?  Support comes in the way of buying the brands or companies products so that they continue to keep producing what we love about them.  If you wouldn’t steal a snowboard or jacket, why on earth would you think it’s acceptable to steal a snowboard film?

Every year I hit up the premieres to be able to watch some rad films for a couple bucks, typically it gives me an idea if I’ll go onto purchase the film later on.  This fall I was able to watch 9191, NowHere, Tailgate Alaska, Right Brain Left Brain and Respect your Elders.  I missed checking out a couple more films that were making their way to Seattle but I’m happy I got to enjoy a good amount so far.  Rather than steal any of these films, I choose to attend the premieres and purchase them if I’d like to support them.

I’m not rich by any means, I live paycheck to paycheck but I want to support those in our industry who I want to keep around.  It means having to put down almost $30 per film and that means buying a couple solid films a year.  Do I need to see/own every snowboard film out there, nah I’m no Ebert and have no need to review all the films.

So as the snowboard films arrive at the shops and online, please remember that in order for these to continue to be as rad as they are…they need to be supported.  Attend the premieres, buy the videos, watch with your friends and get amped on the upcoming season.

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  1. Fes
    September 24, 2010

    Yep, bought Now/Here when you told me SnoCon had it.

    Bought 9191 already through iTunes.

    Waiting on Deeper to hit DVD and for Bluebird’s Double Hombres to hit iTunes.

    I am unemployed. But I love showing my support. I one of the guys these companies cater to. I have to support them as I want to see them continue to make these movies for all of us.

    Plus, damn, Now/Here and 9191 are amazing. Totally stoked for the season to hit. 🙂

  2. September 24, 2010

    Check out this interview with John Cavan that is followed by a heated discussion on the topic –

    I reread the comments and still hold a similar opinion but I’ve learned a lot since then about the snowboard film industry – Buy the movies if you can, if you cant, watch it by whatever means you can then rant/rave about it to your homies!

    Technology is evolving towards digital- look at the success netflix has had with streaming video! I wouldn’t say ditch the dvds and put all shred movies online but there needs to be a change in the industry.

    That said, people- please buy the shit out of shred movies because if they went out of business and stopped making them I would cry 🙁

  3. September 24, 2010

    Oh and thanks for participating in the discussion John!

  4. Millie
    September 27, 2010

    Snowboard videos keep me alive during the summer. Even i am far away from the US, I still get them through Amazon. They are good videos. Every time I can’t sleep at night I watch them….. Can live without TV drama, can’t do it without SB videos.

  5. Brahmma Lamma
    September 28, 2010

    support for snowboarding is important, and videos are one of the few entertainment mediums i still buy. another big step is supporting the smaller rider owned companies which it seems you do well by providing expposure through your site, companies that maybe cant afford full page ad’s or run smaller distributions with lesser known teams.