Tailgate Alaska “The Movie” premiere in Seattle

09 Sep, 2010

When most of our seasons are coming to an end, Tailgate Alaska is just beginning in Valdez, Alaska giving snowboarders the opportunity to ride the terrain that Alaska offers.  Whether it’s heli, hike or snowmo your way up…the way down is freeriding and powder at it’s finest.  I haven’t yet attended Tailgate Alaska, it’s been a dream so maybe someday I’ll make it up North for the big adventure but until then it meant checking out the Tailgate Alaska movie premiere in Seattle.

Last night the premiere was held at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont, offering up a small venue perfect for showing the film and the live music from Colorado band Salem afterwards.  There were plenty of TV’s around the upper bar which meant you got to see everything.  The bar was quiet for a snowboard film premiere but that meant no elbowing to get to the bar for the night.

I went to the premiere with Gorio and Aimee

The Tailgate Alaska movie showcased what Tailgate Alaska is all about, from the riders who showed up and were interviewed in the film to the snowboarding that was accessible from snowmobile, hiking and heli’s.  It also gave precaution and showed the dangers of backcountry riding with avalanche footage but also discussed the safety involved as the riders took training courses in crevasse rescues and finding the beacons.  They showcased some of the best riders that competed in King of the Hill and Queen of the Hill, but also included riders that showed up to have a good time.

The downside of the film was that the dvd or the player had malfunctions which caused skipping in the film and it was a bummer that we didn’t see the film as it should be.  “This is painful” came out of our mouths a couple times because it was a letdown.  Unfortunately that happens and the show goes on.

For me personally I was stoked on being able to see friends in the film that attended Tailgate Alaska.

RC from Never Summer was present and  got some shots

Moss Halladay, Moss’s avalanche footage made the film

My Stevens Pass and Chilean friend Nico in the film

Even though the film didn’t go as planned, the live music made the evening stand out.  We sat outside and listened to the band until the end of the night.  Salem is based out of Boulder, Colorado and features a six-piece of funk, jazz, hip hop and reggae sounds.

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  1. Ben R
    September 09, 2010

    You were waaaaay more kind in this post than I would have been. Several friends and I came to see this movie and couldn’t have been more dissapointed. The skips in the movie made the entire night a bust to me, and left me fairly pissed off. I understand that sometimes these things happen, but every five seconds of the entire movie? Who throws a premier without checking the dvd? who only brings one copy to the premier? The skips were excessive and says to me that they really didn’t give a rats ass about this premier. The entire movie was completely unwatchable and there was no explaination or apology to the audience or anything…I paid $7 to see this movie not some mediocre white funk band. Anyway…that’s it for me, sorry about the rant, but I feel it was deserved. I got the impression that they only had a movie preier so that their friend’s band could play.

  2. September 10, 2010

    Ben, definitely agree with you. We talked about the skips during it and didn’t think the dvd had that many scratches on it, could have been the player but still every premiere should do a run through to make sure that stuff doesn’t happen cause it definitely blows when it does. Good rant for sure.

  3. Ben R
    September 10, 2010

    I just really wanted to see this movie…especially the King Of The Mountain stuff… bummed.

  4. Mark
    September 13, 2010

    Hey guys, I will get copies of the DVD in the mail to both of you – andy, who was doing the premiere said the dvd player was busted – I think that Barry Sevig and a few others went and watched it afterwords. Regardless, I was pretty disappointed to hear the way it went down – wont go down like that again.