Think Thank’s “RBLB” and Airblaster/K2’s “Respect your Elders” premiere in Seattle

18 Sep, 2010

I had missed seeing Think Thank RBLB premiere this summer at Mt Hood which was a bummer but it meant being able to check it out last night on the big screen in Seattle with Airblaster/K2’s Respect your Elders.  The rain was pouring outside but snowboarders came out to check out the two local films built around northwest riding with an abundance of northwest riders.  In my opinion, Jesse Burtner and Travis Parker showcase the fun of snowboarding hands down.  After a couple hours in the King Cat Theatre watching those films, I just wanted to strap on my snowboard and ride down any patch of snow.

Airblaster & K2’s Respect your Elders was the first video of the night, I walked in a little bit late to check it out but got to see the riding from Baker, Tahoe, Alaska, Winter Park and Hood hit the big screen.  Most of the film was realistic for snowboarders in the locations that they rode and anyone could ride.  Seeing Parker on the big screen is always fun to watch and any film that has Travis Parker in it, is a favorite in my opinion.  I spent the summer with Brandon Cocard at Windells so watching him ride, seriously such a fine person and an amazing rider.  It was rad to see the Cummins in the film, Temple and Matt freeriding powder effortlessly and in tune with the mountain, their style is undeniably pure.  I found Jed Anderson’s part the funniest, it was a bummer to see him injured at Hood but the hilarious Kazu became Jizz Anderson and made it fun to watch.  Wishing Jed a quick recovery for this winter.  Respect your Elders was the fun film, the filming and editing was more freeflow but it showcased some great riders in fun terrain and just an enjoyable good time on the mountain.

I spent the summer at Mt Hood getting my shred on and I got to see one guy on a mono board in shorts during the summer, just enjoying run after run on his mono.  It was crazy to watch from the chairlift and kudos to him, just enjoying it!  I was soo stoked to see he made the Respect your Elders film during a switchup and god may him and his shorts live in my memory forever.

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Finally it was time to check out Right Brain Left Brain.  The first dvd is Right Brain with Nick Visconti opening the film with one of the most memorable parts of the film.  It was funny to watch him film on both Omatic/Arbor but it gives you a timeline of when the shots were done too and regardless what board was under his feet, he showcased his style and stomped it.  Other riders in the Right Brain were Beresford, Hironaka, Stevens, Brewster, Burtner, Granger, Engle, Edgers and Milbery.  The favorites for me to watch were Burtner, Hironaka and Stevens.  At the end of the film after watching Stevens close that disc, your mind was just like wtf and holy shit i wish I could do that.  All the riders were impressive, one after the other I didn’t think a single part let me down.

Think Thank genius Jesse Burtner on screen introducing the 2nd dvd of Think Thank.  The Left Brain portion started off with Jess Kimura who is leading the next generation of female riders into becoming badass riders who aren’t held down in a sport of men.  Jess’s part  was the only female part in RBLB and delivered one of my favorite sections of the film.  Left disc continues with Bogart, Robinson, Eddy, Genovese, Larson, Hulbert, Habenicht and Spinelli.  I think a huge shoutout goes to Blair Habenicht because of all the premieres I’ve been to, I swear he’s in every film this year…with solid sections in every film.  But his part for RBLB isn’t like the other films, I found it even better to watch because it was such a mix up of riding.

After watching the film, there’s no question in me purchasing it.  In fact if they sold copies right after the film, I would have bought it right away.  It has so many impressive/creative/innovative riders that showcase freeride to urban and Burtner did a solid job with music, editing and just making it a damn fine film.  Plus there’s two footed tricks, one footed tricks and no footed tricks…that just blow your mind.

After the film was done it was back to the King Cat bar for some drinks with Adrienne and everyone else who I got to catch up with.  I got to talk with Jess Kimura who is on her way to HD & HR today.  I grew up being motivated by various female riders, Barrett Christy, Tara Dakides, Annie Boulanger and now I have Jess Kimura in that list.

It was a great night out and stoked to enjoy such great films for my last Seattle premiere before I move.

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  1. September 18, 2010

    Such an awesome night! So stoked to ride. Think Thank always has that effect!

  2. September 18, 2010

    Bummed I missed this, but thx for sharing! Stoked to see both films!