Volcom’s “9191” premiere in Seattle

03 Sep, 2010

The freeriders are taking back the mountains with their style, skill and all in the pursuit of enjoying what’s out there.  Whether it’s resort riding at some of the best freeriders paradises or in the backcountry splitboarding or heli’ing to the next drop, the freeriders are back.  That’s what I kept thinking as I watched 9191 in Seattle last night, this breed of rider who dominates the mountains are full force in this film.

I headed in with Erik and Jesse to catch the premiere and soon found out that even after 4 years in Colorado, my NW roots are strong.  I was able to see riders from my Stevens Pass days and catch up with people I’ve met over the years.  After spending the summer in a terrain park, watching 9191 brought me back to my roots…powder, freeriding and the lines you make down the mountain with the biggest grin on your face.

This was the first big premiere for Seattle riders and in the bar you could be standing next to names like Lynn, Lando, Line, McCarthy and Ruf without a second thought.  The Seattle snowboard industry came out from local shops, companies and resorts to take in the film which meant a fun night of mingling at the bar inside the theatre.  The best part about last night was any rider could come watch the film, it was a free premiere.

I didn’t capture as many images but the Sno Con crew was on hand to get a lot of photos of the scene at the premiere. Here’s their facebook page with photos and they snapped this shot of me with Bataleon’s Tyler and Andrew in the bar.

9191 has the volcom feel to it with a mix of snowboarding from amazing riders on volcom boards and other friends but also music that styles the film and a small taste of skate influence.  The list of riders is impressive and compliments the riding of Gigi Ruf who always stands out from the crowd and dominates the mountain into his playground.  Watching the riding of Blair Habenicht on some of the steepest gnarliest pitches in Alaska including the most insane heli dropoff just proves that the next generation of freeriders are taking over.  The best part about the film was it looked fun, everyone looked like they were having fun and the riders/editing/filming completes the film effortlessly.  After seeing 9191, I just want to watch it again in slow motion over and over.  It’s definitely a film that a freerider would fall in love with and for those expecting any park/metal features…find another film. 9191 is pure freeriding, pure powder and pure mountain.

For those who haven’t seen the teaser yet, here you go! I will say, the film shows so many more great moments than the teaser but the teaser is a good example of the filming, editing and soundtrack involved in 9191.  If you have the opportunity to go to the premieres coming out, go…it’s worth it!

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