Wing up with Akinz

17 Sep, 2010

I first heard of Akinz while living in Colorado and what may have started in Texas has grown into a Colorado state of mind company.  I’ve seen Akinz sponsor rail jams and parties in Steamboat but also support the snowboarders who have helped grow the company.  I had one of my most fun nights at their Sunglasses at Night party back in Steamboat before I took off for the summer.  Now they are onto their 6th year since beginning the brand and have come out with their 2011 softgoods gear to compliment this season.

I caught up with Owner Suzanne about the 2011 Akinz line who said, “The last couple years of Akinz has been all about growth and change.  In the past we’ve been really restricted as far as design styles because of production limitations. But as we’ve gotten a little bigger, it gives us the opportunity to do more unique cuts and more colorways instead of just one colorway in each design.  What we’re really excited about is being able to do multiple fleece options this winter.  There’s still a couple more fleece pieces headed to the site in the next month.  Mainly we just want to aim to have a fun casual style… the kind of stuff that makes you smile when you wear it.”

Here’s a couple of my favorite pieces coming out this season, the rest of them you can check out at

Akinz Twist Beanie ($22.00) and Shenanakinz Sunglasses ($12.95)

Akinz Wings Hoodie Dress ($48.00)

Akinz Men’s Mr Boombox O Tee ($24.00)

Akinz Goldie Tee ($34.00)

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  1. September 18, 2010

    Thanks Shay!

  2. Yessi
    September 21, 2010

    So happy the hoodie dress seems like it’s here to stay. I need to pick me up one of those.

  3. November 01, 2010

    Hoodie dress is definitely here to stay! I basically live in those things!